Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating!

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It’s USA Thanksgiving: Canada has already celebrated their Thanksgiving weekend in October however, it is always nice to have a reminder of how important it is to be thankful especially in these precarious times.

I came to the conclusion about 6 months ago that nothing is for sure or lasts forever, even as much as we want it to be at times. That is neither good or bad, it just is. So what does that mean for us as humans. To me it means that we really need to cherish the people and things that are good in our lives, right now. Sometimes, it is hard to see what is good. I know, I have been there too.

When I can get out of my head and diminish any negative self talk harmful to me, I can see what is good more clearly. When I allow my ego, mind and/or head to lead me it can bring me to trouble.

I don’t know how many of you saw the video by that French man who lost his wife during the Paris attack. In the video he declares that he will not give the terrorists his anger for they already took his wife… and that he will not teach his son to hate, rather be grateful for every day in his life; that his greatest revenge will be to live a life that is full and complete EVEN THOUGH the woman he loved was taken from him.

It brought me to tears. So can we find good? Can we find forgiveness? Can we learn to be thankful for all that is in our life, both perceived good and bad? I guess I leave that up to the individual. I will not lie, I struggle with this as well. One person’s pain, loss and tragedy may be another’s empowerment and strength. Who are we to judge.

I will say that to shift my mood I find going to gratitude even for the small things can help make that shift possible. This weekend, find gratitude and thankfulness even in the smallest of things. Maybe it will be gesture (someone pays you a compliment), or a small token gift or just sitting down together your entire family in one room. Many around the world, especially the Syrian refugees, do not have this luxury.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful, grateful and thankful weekend.


All my love,


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