Happy U.S. Thanksgiving – A Time To Celebrate & Be Grateful

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I know that Thanksgiving is a big holiday in the U.S. – likely the biggest one that is celebrated by all, despite colour, religion, gender, or creed. You, in a sense, become one – One country, one people, one voice – celebrating and sharing your love & gratitude.

I know that things have been difficult in the U.S. and it is slowly hopefully returning to some sense of normality. I ask that you look at this time as one of opportunity and growth and know that when one door closes, another one opens. The journey and path of life is one that is not straight and at times may seem unbearable – yet really it may be a time of growth and understanding and learning; taking you to another level or on a different path. This path/route may bring you closer to the truth of who you are. Sometimes it will end a relationship, friendship, job, financial, etc. and it will do this because you do not have the strength or foresight to do so. Other times it allows you to put things in perspective to decide what you really want.

This week has been a difficult week. I have watched my aunt die and a close friend’s brother-in-law, Lee, a 42 year old that I also grew up with. My aunt worked for 24 years and retired and then, as we hear so often, she developed a brain tumour. She died just after a year later. All her dreams of travelling and with her partner, having that mother-and-daughter trip, and just living life came to a short end. While she did not get to see these dreams come to fruition she was a woman who stayed positive despite adversity, and surrounded herself by those who loved her, especially her friends. Lee, learned at an early age when he developed Crohns at age 14 (likely before hand just diagnosed at this time), that health is crucial and that he must learn to love life and live life to its fullest. He did just that. He really enjoyed life and he touched so many lives in the process. He was an incredible person that wanted to give back. He was also a dreamer and followed his passions and whether these passions were “successful” or not it did not matter. He always learned the lesson and moved on. He is a person to learn from. He left behind his soul mate of 21 years and two boys, brothers, sister-in-laws/brother-in-laws, parents and grandparents. He will be greatly missed but his legacy and memory will carry on.

I tell you this because for those that are living and are finding things challenging please stop and look around at those in your life – your loved ones who are there to love and support you no matter what. You are alive and so I ask please learn to live life to its fullest. Everything is a cycle – so perhaps you are on a down cycle and know it will change. You may also be on high cycle – please remember to enjoy and celebrate these times. It is so important. Some forget that this is just as important to know you are doing a great job!

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving as you celebrate with family and friends. May your days be filled with love and peace. More importantly — Eat up for me!!!

For those in other countries who are not celebrating Thanksgiving, please know that gratitude and love is everyday and ongoing.

All my love,


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