Have You Kept Your Resolutions?

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We are approaching February and usually by this point many peoples’ resolutions have gone by the wayside. I feel that happens because we do not look at the larger picture. What do you really want? To lose 20 pounds — yes — how about, you desire living a life full of health and wellness. By changing your habits slowly you can begin to see the weight falling off while reaching the higher place and this makes you feel good, energetic, successful and so on.

You may have created a new regime for yourself: get up and stretch for 1/2 hour, walk for an hour with the dog/partner/friend, add weight bearing exercises into your life (after work/school/early evening/early morning), eating more greens and healthier choices all around, drinking more water and getting more sleep. You may have decided to add yoga or meditation into your life once a week to help you cope with stress and use it for relaxation or perhaps you began playing an instrument, knitting, etc. to give you that same relaxation.

Your biggest achievement may be learning to be in the moment and just enjoy what is around you and be grateful for that.

If you have allowed yourself to deviate or “fall off the wagon” try looking at the larger picture of what you really want. Sit down and make a list of what makes you smile, happy, joyful. Is it really about losing weight that will make you happy or is it making better and healthier choices that will allow this.

I have kept my resolutions and I am currently working on my dreams. I have taken accountability and know what I need to do to reach my intentions, desires and goals. I am nearly finished my resume to look for part-time work however my real drive this year is creating a not-for-profit or foundation around my youth work. I have surrounded myself by a group of like-minded women through my Mastermind Group, who will help me stay the course, guide me, challenge me and support me.

Know that you are always meant to be where you are at however if you do want to see a different result than you need to change the thinking, action, feeling and belief. It takes time and practice. Also having people around you who will support you is key.

Get back on track whatever that means. It is never too late.

Have a great weekend,

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