This is a fascinating story. Shawn Simcoe, A Hydro One employee (crown corporate in Canada), was terminated from his $100K+ job. What is interesting is that he was not fired for shouting out the obscene acronym FHRITP (F— Her Right In The P—-) at a woman reporter, he was fired because he defended the comment.

It all began as an internet joke . The prank consisted of bystanders interrupting a television reporter’s broadcast by shouting a sexually explicit taunt into the microphone. Often the target is a female reporter, many of them complaining it puts their job at risk.

In their wisdom, this past Sunday night, a group of rowdy guys, soccer enthusiasts, had just attended FC’s home game of the season at BMO Field and decided to pull this prank. However, things didn’t quite turn out as they thought.

I am glad to see that this behaviour is being taken seriously and there are consequences — for even supporting this lewd phrase. At least one of the men appearing in a video with Toronto CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt has been fired from his high-paying job with Hydro One. Another faces unspecified discipline from his employer. Four are being banned from the Toronto FC games and all other Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) venues.

Police are warning that charges could be laid.

Hydro One CEO Carmine Marcello told the National Post newspaper it was an easy decision to fire him. He says, “He’s free to speak his mind. We are all. I think there’s also a level of common decency and decorum that we all expect, and not getting into a debate, I’m just going back to the first principles of Hydro One: the issues and the values that we hold dear around our people, our customers, and working collaboratively together. What’s important to us drives business success.”

This decision by Hydro One CEO Carmine Marcello has consequences for all employees and all people. I don’t support the idea “big brother is watching you’. However, what I do support is that we are accountable and responsible for our choices and actions. I like what the CEO says in his interview with the Post’s Ashley Csanady. She asks him: Are other employees now concerned about what this means for them and where the line is between work and personal life?

He answers: That’s going to be an ongoing discussion and debate, but at the core, there’s doing right and there’s doing wrong. And that’s what makes this one so simple. I have yet to find a single person to say his behaviour was commendable. It just doesn’t exist. So, really what we’re saying is, hold yourself to a high standard at work, and quite frankly, hold yourself to a high standard within society. Yeah, there’s a debate. The debate will play out. It’s playing out in the media as we speak, but as far as I’m concerned we’ve sent a very clear message to our employees about how we feel they should conduct themselves and what’s appropriate behaviour and what’s not…. This was not a grey line. He clearly went too far.

I hope this does teach us that we need to consider our actions at all times. There is not a fictitious line that says … this is personal me and this is work me. No, there is only one you and that person is the same person inside their work and outside their work. What I find fascinating is that many of the youth display this blended line between work and personal so it should not be surprising to them that when a line is crossed it can affect your work situation, as it did in this case.

I have a suggestion: Be responsible for your actions at all times; be good always.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We just celebrated Victoria Day.

The message for each of us — we are responsible for our choices, always.

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