Hotels are rated for WIFI ‘fit’

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For those who travel a lot you likely rely heavily on your hotel to have reliable WIFI so that you can stay connected to your company or be able to work on your presentation.

A few years ago, Yaroslav Goncharov was head of the mobile department at Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine, and travelling the world for meetings with device manufacturers, wireless carriers and other companies Yandex did business with. One thing Goncharov found consistent when travelling was that WIFI is usually unbelievably bad, even at upscale hotels.

This prompted him to find the site This site allows users to check the speed of their current Internet connections. But it does not only share the results with the person who requests it. It also uses the information to rank hotels by city, so travellers planning a trip somewhere can quickly assess where they will have the least problems using the Internet.

Users have tested hotels in more than 4.000 cities. To verify users are at the hotel where they claim to be, performs location checks and compares the user’s networks IP address for that hotel. does not just showcase hotels with the fastest WIFI. It also reveals those with slow connections. Many of the major chains are now making it a priority to standardize WI-FI offerings, at least to some degree.

What does is make Wi-Fi speeds as visible and comparable as room rates.

Check it out!

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