Fear vs. Love? How do you go to a place of love and calm when everything around you seems to be crumbling:
Relationships, companies and countries? I met with a dear friend of mine this morning and we needed to talk some things out. There is no denying that our friendship means a lot to both of us … even when harsh words are said to one another. Forgiveness. More than that is acceptance. This is where our friendship is meant to be. Not everything can be explained, in fact, many things make no sense. However, that is where trust in yourself and the universe can come in. We need to learn to surrender to this process and let things unfold the way they are meant to.

This can be done in a loving and compassionate way versus fear of loss and anger. While these emotions may come up and I do say honour them, please do not hold on to them. Release and let go.

My friend and I will be fine.

What about what is going on around the world in different countries. Do we go to a place of fear or love? Before I met my friend I was talking to a wise friend of mine, Lynn, and we were talking about the situation in the United States. Actually, this call was prompted by a first call with a woman that I know who was talking like if the United States falls so will we. Canada is strong and while they are a major trading partner — we will survive and be fine. Yes, we may have some bumps and bruises — this is our time and opportunity (AS WE ARE IN AN ELECTION!) to step up and declare who we are: We are a country rich in diversity, we are a country that holds precious commodities (water, electricity, minerals and so on) and we are a country rich in wisdom and intellect.

The Republicans and Democrats have never agreed – and likely will not in the near future. The question becomes to what degree will one party fight to be right, in their ego, just to prove themselves and at what cost? Are the people of the United States willing to allow this? Will fear drive this devastating move just as the US economy is showing small signs of positive movement? All I know is that if I have a choice to believe in Love or Fear, I will go to LOVE.

In order to create a world that we do want: kindness, collaboration, peace and love where issues about the environment are considered, growth and success of our businesses, strong political leaders, THAN WE JUST MAY NEED TO BRING OUR SYSTEMS TO A CRASHING HALT IN ORDER TO REBUILD. The band aid solutions no longer work.

I was talking to a friend of mine about the Canadian Federal Elections, and I asked have our “leaders” (this is questionable at best) laid out their platforms?? Are they clear on what they want. Elections, as they stand, bring out the worst in our people. The opposition spends it time trying to bring down the party in power WITHOUT really having an alternative plan. AND SPENDING IS NOT AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN WHEN WE HAVE TO CONSIDER BRINGING DOWN THE DEFICIT.

So how do we remain calm and in a place of peace …. trust that the world is exactly where it is meant to be. We have a choice, a collective choice to create the intentions and desire of what we really want as a people and country. I choose to do this. My Canada is one that is inclusive, that all peoples’ have the opportunity to express themselves in a loving way, NOT FROM FEAR OR HATRED!, that men and women are treated equally, that we are dealing with issues around health care, aging, pension/CPP, employment, inspiring entrepreneurial activity amongst our small/medium sized businesses as well as the youth. We need to break a cycle that has been allowed to perpetuate for decades if not centuries.

2011 is the year of the breakthrough and paradigm shifts!

This is some food for thought.

Enjoy your weekend.

All my love,


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