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I have talked about leading a group of women – through the concept of a mastermind idea. We support one another on the road to making our dreams come true. Many mastermind groups are built on the principles of setting goals and achieving them. I have taken it one step further and start with your intentions – what is your true intentions in life? For those more evolved it goes beyond – the new job, new car, trip to a certain destination. What I really get you to look at is what is the feeling and knowing you want to have every day when you wake up: peaceful, happy, calm, abundance and so on. I have shown them how achieving a goal does not necessarily bring you closer to your vision (happiness, being more calm, etc.).

Saying that, goals and actions do play a part. We have started with our intentions – clarifying what we want and how we want to live our life – then moved to creating the vision board – the visual of these intentions. I have broken them up into two areas as we are human beings: the human side is our “doing side” – my youth work, workshops, bridging the youth and baby boomers, and so on. The being side is “my essence – who I am” – I am a committed mother, I love and honour myself and my truth, I am love, peace, caring and so on. Today we are at the action steps.

WISHING … we must move beyond wishing for things to happen and fall into place the way they are meant to. I will admit that patience is not my strong suit. I am working on it for I know that by creating a push/pull system will not help and will likely slow down the process. What I am learning to do is put things into action and then let it go. For me it means, send the email, do one follow up and then give it a week for those to respond. If this does not happen then I can follow up again and then wait for a response. In the meantime I can look at other corporations that I want to investigate and see if they are a consideration for my work.

I received this message and it was so appropriate:

Stop thinking that you have to make it happen, Sandra, and let it happen…
That you have to be better, and be yourself…
That I’ve ever judged you, and be free.

For me this is putting my TAO study into practice.

I am excited to go down this road.

I wanted to share a story of one of the woman in the group. She has clearly identified her intentions and created a vision board that is meaningful to her and now she is fulfilling her vision. One of the visions is that she is more financially aware – understanding her finances better so SHE can make the decisions for her family and self. I am really proud of her for I see that she has taken back her power and begun to ask questions and learn. She told me today that she is loving this and she feels so good about this. I told her that the more informed she is the better she can communicate with her advisor, accountant, tax person, husband and so on.

The irony is that she now knows that it was in her all the time and that it was her fear that stopped her and the decision to defer to her husband. It is not that she wants to challenge or go against her husband, on the contrary, now she is an asset to the team – for she is aware and can deal with her financial situations. If anything happens to her husband she feels confident that she can handle her finances.

I am really so proud of her. She has a ways to go before she is proficient — true for all of us! Even your advisor only knows so much – you may actually come to know more than him or her. If this is the case — it may be time for a new advisor. I recently wrote about an article I found that said that investors – especially those with a lot of money (this is true for all of us!) – want to assure that their advisor is meeting their needs and if not must be held accountable and responsible for their actions or lack of actions.

For too long we have handed our power away because we believed we do not know as much as they do, do not understand the terminology or due to fear. With some understanding and asking good questions we learnt it’s not so difficult. It’s really a matter of wanting to take back your power and taking full responsibility and accountability for your outcome. Go for it!

I’ll keep you informed with this journey for me and the other woman.

Me… I am going after all my visions and dreams. Nothing and no one scares me.

You can too!

Have a great weekend.

All my love,


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