How To Listen Better

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This is from the HOW TO section in the Oprah magazine, October 2012, p. 158.

How To Listen Better was written by Martha Beck, O’s resident life coach and author of Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.

“Start by doing everything you can to fire up the ‘mirror neurones’ in your brain, which mimic what others are experiencing. You can subtly imitate the other person’s posture, even match the pace and depth of their breathing. Your words can also mirror what the other person is telling you.

For example, you might say, “What I’m hearing is that it distresses you when your husband wears his tiara in public” or “Wow I can tell just from your voice that you’re under serious pressure.” Don’t add advice or commentary – just reflect. If you simply must add something, ask the speaker to disconfirm what you say. In other words, ask to be told where you’re mistaken – and mean it.

“I’m thinking it’s not so much that you’re embarrassed as that you want a tiara of your own-am I wrong about that?” Do not ask to be told that you’re right; it turns a listening ear into a bid for authority, and no one will want to talk to you then.”

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