How To Stick Out In A Crowd

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This article was posted in The National Post, May 19, 2015 written by Rick Spence.

Spence says, “If you compete in a crowded marketplace, as most do, there’s no way for buyers to know who’s best… you need to find better ways to differentiate your business.” He writes, “That in these days of shrinking attention spans, you have three seconds in which to do it.”

Here are some facts:
* 60% to 80% of consumers and 90% of business buyers start their major-purchase process with an Internet search.
* 30% of small business owners embrace search engine optimization consultants to help them pull rank on Google.

A simple suggestion – look at what others are doing in your field and then do something different; something people will remember.

One example of a name that stands out:

Friggin Computers – an independent PC sales and service outlet

Go for it!

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