I met Donna Sirianni in March 2009 when I was in New York however our relationship began before this. I became aware of her dream to produce a movie called MY WISH.  We spoke and I really fell in love with her energy, her desire to go after what she wants and her positive outlook.  She is a woman who loves and honours herself.  She has created so much for herself in a field that many “fail”.  She understands the Law Of Attraction and she brings into her life what she wants.

Donna wrote this article for me a number of months ago however it is still prevalent today.

Enjoy her work.

All my best,


Are you “left”-handed or “right”-handed?

By: Donna Sirianni

This may seem a little “weird” to you- but trust me- just go with it.  Raise your left arm out to your left side and your right arm out to your right side and leave them there. Now, look only at your left hand. In it, place all of the things that you DON’T WANT in life. Put there what you DON’T want to happen in your relationships, in your business, in your financial situation, with your health, and your spiritual self. Think about that for a bit.

Now “leave” your left hand and turn your head and focus to your right hand. In it, place all of the things that you DO WANT in life! Picture or feel the most fulfilling relationships you could imagine! Picture or feel your business and financial situation growing in leaps and bounds- so much so, that you are able to give back in ways you never even imagined! Picture or feel a strong, healthy, fit body that gives you all the energy you need to experience the things in this hand! Picture or feel yourself so connected with God and your inner spirit that you know- without a doubt- that you are loved and guided. Let these feelings sit with you for a while as you are looking into your right hand.

Now notice…… you just proved to yourself that you CANNOT focus on what you have in your left hand, while giving all of your thoughts and attention to your right hand. So my friend, into which hand do you choose to go through life focusing your thoughts and energy??? It is your choice………always has been.




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