I Feel Like A Politician — One That Walks Her Talk

Posted Friday, November 12th, 2010. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Canada and the U.S. just completed elections: Canada – municipal (city level) and for the U.S. the Senate race. Hours are spent campaigning and talking and sharing. While many people have an issue with politicians and can we trust this person? Is he/she going to walk her talk? Are they telling us what we want to hear to be elected? THis is an inherent issue with the politicians.

One thing I can say is that – putting aside what is being said- it is a long road to win an election.

My children and I are in the Aviva Community Fund contest and to proceed to the semi-finals it is based on votes/support. In order to qualify for the contest you need to submit an idea that is then reviewed and accepted or denied – ours was accepted. Once accepted you can post more about your idea and then ask friends and family to vote for you.

We are now in the third round and after having been through 2 rounds I get it. We are up against some large groups with a lot of families behind their ideas. We are 3 families with 6 children in total. Our children are young so they do not have a large email list – only people we know can be on it — if they have an email at all. Round 1 we came in late so it didn’t really count. Round 2 we stepped up the game and asked friends and family to support the cause. Some registered to vote. Unfortunately the registration process has kinks and some had issues signing up. I have been emailing the company directly about specific people – having to correct things from their end. It has been a little frustrating. OK all part of the journey.

3rd round has been completely different. I put on my project management hat and set specific goals. I know I am being a bit of a slave driver however what I can see if we do not pull out all the stops we will never compete with the “big guys”. We need a minimum of 350 people (emails actually) to register and vote every day for 10 days = 3500 votes. The issue then becomes how do you get people to vote every day? People are travelling for work, there are things going on in their own home? People have great intentions and forget. So we decided to collect all for those that CHOSE not to vote every day (because they don’t have the time or just don’t want to but want us to). Even that you have to get on the phone and send personal emails directly to people and ask them to sign up and register and then confirm. Once done, they can email me or the others their email and password. It has also been fun (though tiring) – I have been reaching out to people I have not talked to in a while which is great – setting plans to see one another. I do explain what the contest is about so that they are not blindly just voting. People do want to know and the nice part is that they know that I am one to walk my talk; the children are making a difference in their efforts to collect gently used sports and leisure equipment, art supplies and musical instruments.

I have also prepared a press release that went out this week. As well, we cut a documentary style video that is now being put together.

We will “fight” for our cause to the end. We invite all those to check out this competition and what we are doing and where the grant money will go to: Aviva/Kidz2kidz . I am “campaigning” all weekend to bring up our level of support. I am tired however it has been fun in its own way.

Like the turtle, I go as I go, and I let go out the outcome and just go for it.
This weekend I continue to reach out to people…. and reconnect!

If you have a dream …. follow it. Baby steps.

People will support you especially if you walk your talk!

Have a great weekend.

All my love,



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