I Love The Movie Choices of Today

Posted Friday, January 29th, 2010. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

THE MIRROR IS FASCINATING I find that the movies being produced and/or shown in Canada and the US are a strong indication of where we are at. I recently saw Invictus, The Blind Side, It’s Complicated and The Invention of Lying. What struck me about all, even The Invention of Lying, is that each one was really about human nature: who we are.

I find that as we move into 2010 we are choosing to be more authentic to who we are, we are choosing what I call ‘heart consciousness’ – caring about our fellow human counterparts and compassion, we are choosing faith and hope, we are choosing tolerance for that which is different.

It brings a tear to my eye for we can CHOOSE to be this always. When I think of the Haiti crisis there has been spiritual work written about how this disaster opened our heart consciousness around the world – the idea of coming together and helping and empowering one another.

I am so excited and happy to be part of this time. While things right now do not seem great, especially in the US which is dealing with their own issues, it is the time for planting the seed for what we do want. By nurturing and fostering what we do want NOW as the seeds begin to grow the shift “is” seamless.

We can lead by example and just be. That is what I choose. You can also choose this — it’s baby steps. We can do this together one step at a time.

Enjoy the weekend.

All my love,


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