I met with a true mentor tonight…

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The idea of mentoring for the most part has gone by the wayside. Tonight, I experienced true mentoring from a place of heart and helping.

I am at the place in my life where I have gathered much wisdom and knowledge and I am looking for a way to bring it to the world to impact as many lives as I can. The idea of doing good is ulturistic and where I choose to be however this may not in fact be the best way for me to reach as many lives as I can. In fact, I may need to start in the for-profit world and gain my successes and then go for the “give back” method.

I sat with a man that has been through his own tragedy – he lost his daughter to an accident that could have been prevented (risks and choices). She stepped off a curb and was hit by a car. His story is powerful, his healing has been a journey and he shed light into so many things for me tonight. He shared his book that he wrote, no mountain too high: A father’s inspiring journey through grief as well as the book he published of his daughter’s poetry, I am a Rose.

We talked about empathy and the power of showing our fellow human being empathy. He shared that most people do not know what to do when someone they know is going through something beyond their comprehension. So what many people do is choose to close out the person because they cannot fix the situation. What is really required at this time, he says, is just a simple expression of compassion – a hug, an opened stretched arm, to sit with a friend and listen, not interrupt.

I am a strong supporter of mentoring and the power of it. We all have our own stories and many don’t want to share it for fear of being rejected and/or laughed at, or just a belief that no one will care, so why bother. I am going to ask that you share your stories for there is definitely someone out there who can benefit from your experience and knowledge.

One of the reasons that I began this site is so that people do not feel alone. Knowing that someone has experienced something similar to you is very comforting and it also confirms that you are not alone. For me, it makes me feel better and that I am not going crazy.

For those that want to do something, whether it is on a large or small scale, find a mentor that you can talk to. Share your vision and hear their’s. Sit back and listen (not always my strength) and then ask questions. Of course, take what resonates and then make it your own. Life is a journey and enjoy it. As Steve Jobs’ said, you cannot connect the dots looking forward only backward. Whatever path you choose it is the right one.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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