I Probably Can Use A Refresher in Driving…

Posted Friday, May 7th, 2010. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

My girl friend is turning 38 years old next week (and her twin sister) and she decided to tackle driving. She has wanted to get her driving license for years now and so she is doing it! When I was driving with her recently I came to a stop sign and sort of stopped — really the instructor would have called it a rolling stop. We then practised stopping properly at the next stop, counting one and two and three.

This got me thinking about how we get so comfortable in our habits, often forming bad habits. I recognize that a refresher course in driving would be useful for me since I have been driving for 27 years – wow that’s crazy.


I am currently working on my corporate workshops and have begun talking to different connections in the corporate world. One interesting comment came to me: WE’VE DONE THIS BEFORE …IF IT IS NOT BROKEN DON’T FIX IT. I ask, does this line of thinking serve you, serve us as a community, country and/or world??? I say NO.

Being aware of new trends, different ways, and even revisiting the way we do something or how well we do it, gives us a very good idea of where we stand. In Canada there is a new show called Undercover Boss where the CEO, CFO, COO — someone at the “top” goes undercover to discover how the company is being run, what can he/she learn, what is working and more.

Corporations, like people, can get comfortable and therefore fall into a “comfort zone”.

I am working with a Corporate Executive coach, Mitch Gordon, and we intend to do just that — create awareness, shake things up and get corporations to “walk their talk”. A corporation is a collection of people. The process is no different. If you really want to empower yourself and learn to honour and love yourself, than you need to look from within. As the individual you can do this by “holding a mirror up to yourself” and see what is being reflected back to you. Do you like your relationships: personal, family, friends, work, health and wellness, finance, etc. It is about being authentic and true to you.
A corporation is a collection of people. To see the health of a company, your company, it is no different – you need to look from within: employee satisfaction? employee turnover? customer satisfaction? # of sick days? and so on.

Maybe its time to take stock — have you allowed certain habits to go down the path — “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. I challenge you to be honest and shake it up. Take a course, read a book with a fresh and different perspective, see a speaker or just be cognizant of how you do something and see if you really like the way you are doing it.

Go for it! You may discover something old can become something new.

I want to wish all the women a Happy Mother’s Day. For those without their own children rather the amazing aunt – Happy “aunt” day!

All my love,


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