I used the word CAN’T today!

Posted Friday, November 2nd, 2012. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Me of all people, who knows the power of words, used the word can’t today. I was speaking to a friend about something she wants me to do and I said, “I have tried everything that I can think of and it is not working. I can’t do this”. She stopped me in my tracks and said exactly what I mentioned above and that is… “Sandra, I cannot believe you used the word can’t .. that is so unlike you. I know you can do it”.

WOW. Can’t is really one of those words like shouldn’t and couldn’t that really needs to be obliterated from your dictionary. I don’t know about you, I believe that words carry energy and so to use such negative words only leads to a block in what you really want. This goes against all that I feel and believe.

How many of you get caught in this trap and frustrated thinking that you have tried everything and it is just not working and give up? Please re-consider. THe great thing about ‘miracles’ and believing in G-d or the universe is that we do not have to do things alone.

Sometimes it takes stepping back and just putting out your intention of what you desire. Of course, you can desire things at a higher level (brings joy, happiness, success, abundance) or at a lower level (wanting something bad to happen to someone, or something that is not nice — basically what you desire will hurt someone else). No one can stop you from doing this however please know that this energy that you put out will somehow come back to you.

Let’s keep it focused on putting out energy that brings you closer to your truth and happiness. So yes, the focus is on you, to bring you to a higher place.

I CAN. I can do it! and then we can transition to I AM — already seeing what you want happening.

By focussing on the negative you will undoubtedly block all creativity to bringing a result. So I have decided to put it out there and ask for help from the universe to provide what I need.

I let it go so I can receive it.

If any of you are experiencing blocks in your work, in your life, in yourself, then please just ask for assistance in helping you achieve what you do want and then let it go.

Enjoy the weekend, laugh and have fun! I know I will.

All my love,


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