I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year

Posted Friday, December 30th, 2011. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

As we leave 2011 and move towards 2012 there are a range of feelings out there. Some are fearful because they have been told the world is ending. Others welcome the move away from the Mayan calendar and Age of Capricorn towards the Age of Aquarias; a time of peace and calm.

Most cannot imagine this time of peace and calm when the world around us seems crazier than ever – uprisings, floods, unpredictable financial markets and more. All I can say is that we are in a time of clearing and cleansing. In order to build what you want you need to rid of what you do not want. We are ridding some things that have been ingrained for decades if not centuries. It is a time for being in the moment, being in gratitude and loving and honouring yourself.

In order to create the world we want, especially one of peace and calm, this must begin within. This year, 2012, I encourage you to create your intention to love and honour yourself in all ways; not from an ego place but a place of listening to your heart and acting from that place. You must first learn to be in peace and calm within before you can bring it to the world. If each of us came frome this place, we can change the world one person at a time.

Your intention for 2012 can sound something like:

I wake each day with gratitude for all the wonderful relationships in my life starting with myself. I listen to my heart and make decisions that are in my best interest and for my higher self. I am in peace and calm.

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. May you find your inner greatness and follow this path, even if only in your mind to start. All dreams do come true; begin walking in the path of your truth and see the most wonderful things unfold.

All my love,



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