I Was So Busy Doing… I Just Put The Fish Down For A Second

Posted Friday, February 12th, 2010. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

DOING, DOING, DOING… We are a society of Doing and what I mean by that is we are so busy making things happen that we almost go into autopilot.

I ran into the supermarket to pick up fresh fish for dinner and ended up with 20 other things — sound familiar. I did have one of my eco bags with me however I had too much that my hands were full. I put the freshly packaged fish down for just a second on some packaged bread as I ordered some meat from the meat counter. This nice woman smiled at me and said, “I know that you probably are not thinking about this but my son is allergic to fish and you need to be aware where you are putting your fish. I am not buying bread today however I cannot buy that bread now as it touched the fish”. I looked at her and replied, “You are absolutely right and I am so sorry – thank you for making me aware of this”.

I was so busy DOING – shopping, thinking about making dinner, that I stopped BEING and really considering my fellow human beings – being considerate of others.

I was grateful to this woman sharing this with me for now I will not do this again.

The larger lesson given to me is SLOW DOWN. I have been so busy DOING, CREATING, DOING, PUSHING MY BUSINESS AND WORK that I was burning out. I needed to slow down. It has also been a time to clarify my passion and purpose. I needed to step back and clearly define my VISION.

I have talked about the universe sending us messages to “wake us up” – so mine came in the way of a speeding ticket, meetings being changed or cancelled for various reasons, computer problems – couldn’t print, and my central vac just stopping (ok not being able to vacuum is not so bad) and then on my way to a meeting I found myself behind the slowest car! I was still not getting it!

This week I stopped – not only was I being forced to – I was exhausted. I really took time to clear “junk” out of my head through meditation. For those, like me, meditation doesn’t come easily. Slowing my mind can be challenging. With the support of friends that do this regularly, I sat in a chair – sometimes I played music and sometimes I just sat in silence.

It really does work. I have been able to clear out some of the junk. Clarity has come. This is an ongoing process for me!

I also know that when you are clear in your intent of what you want, who you are .. are following your truth, heart and gut — you will manifest it at a much quicker rate. This is about your BEING – your ESSENCE and where you vibrate. We attract to us at the level that we vibrate — Joy, happiness, and love are the highest vibration.

Enjoy this Valentine Weekend and for those in parts of Canada – Family Day. Stop and just BE!

All my love,


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