I attended the first of a three-part speaking series that will hear representatives from the Liberal, Conservative and NDP party to addresses concerns and questions of how their party will deal with XXXX.

I am not a supporter of any party at the moment. I am not pleased with what is happening in our country especially for our youth.

When Justin was asked a question why he wants to be in politics I found his answer intriguing. He said that knowing what he knows about being in the public eye, how he will be held to scrutiny for all of his moves and choices, and the mistrust people have for politicians, he feels a duty as a father and for his family that he must be part of making change. I can relate as a parent. For change to happen we need to drive it and be part of it.

He answered about 15 questions and then he stuck around to shake hands and take photos and speak to people one-on-one. I did get a chance to meet him through my cousin Howard Brown who is a staunch liberal supporter. I asked Justin if I can send him an email about some of the concerns I have about the education system, the need for a national strategy for education, the purpose and role of education today, the disengagement of industry and corporate Canada to identify required skill sets for our future …. all leading to a potential economic crisis for our youth and health of our country if things do not change. I need to hear his stand on education. He touched on it briefly. I want to understand where is interests lie and his core beliefs and values.

He said yes, send it to him. I intend to.

My intention is to teach our youth essential life skills with financial literacy top of list, so that our youth can learn to make good decisions, speak up (in a respectful manner), bridge the gap between the generations, and begin to create systems that are relevant for today. What our leaders need to remember is sometimes a small change can lead to a big result. O

If our politicians want the vote of the youth and those disengaged then things must change. This is not just ideal it must happen: we need a leader with a strong vision for Canada – giving Canada an identity: WHO WE ARE; walk their talk, be willing to challenge systems in place and rid of the parts that are not relevant and that may go against some of their party members, be accountable and responsible for their actions, look to collaborative efforts amongst our provinces recognizing differences yet uniting them with a purpose and Y and listening to the voices. The voice of youth often goes by the wayside. This is our future leaders.

Time will tell what happens for Canada. I believe Canada is on the cusp of potentially going down a scary road. Of course if you measure Canada’s success by the fact that we did not tailspin into a full out economic disaster due to the strength of our banks then yes we did okay. If you measure things by the fact that we have the highest youth educated population with 50% living under the line of poverty, that many of our youth are underemployed with many forced to live at home and thereby not fully contributing to society and being active members, debt on the rise not only for students but all Canadians (debt/equity ratio), the diminishing middle class, the claim by employers that there is a skills shortage and that our future leaders do not have the the skill sets required for today’s market than yes there is a problem. I recognize that it is baby steps to bring change.

As Canadians we need to take more interest; less apathy and accepting that living in mediocrity is NOT okay. Canada has the potential to be a great country. I want to be part of that!

I know that many of the issues we face in Canada are found in countries around the world. Eventually, when we all wake up and realize this is one world than we can really begin to make change for the betterment of human kind.

I want to finish on a great note…. Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends. Take time to be grateful for what you have in your life: friendships, family, roof over your head, food on the table and more.

I really want you to begin to think how you can be part of the change. Even if it is just smiling more to your fellow human, it’s a good start.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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