When I heard about the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester this week it broke my heart. All I kept thinking about is that could have happened in my city to any one of my friend’s children or for that matter my friend picking up their child/ren at the concert.

It is unfathomable to think this is where our world has gone. What seems doom and gloom may in fact be more about clearing out old patterns, beliefs, core values and shaking out to a better world. Why do people have to die? What do people have to hurt? Why do people have to lie?

I know it is hard to believe however when I read the energy reports what seems like chaos and negative is actually old ways being brought forward, challenged and sometimes altered or changed, even let go of. There is a dichotomy right now, people who are pushing to exist in the old, 3D, physical world of separation, power, ego and struggle vs those who are moving to the 5th dimension and believe in collaboration, team work, we-economy, sharing, empowerment and love. Those that refuse to change or let go of old beliefs and patterns (whether individual, corporate or on a world-level) will likely suffer more.

It is fascinating to watch Trump unfold his presidency. To me he represents the old world thought-patterns and is pulling the USA back in time as far as women’s rights, USA being an isolationist, not caring about the environment (may pull out of the Paris Accord), to name a few.

We have a choice, we can watch CNN and decide to live in fear and never do or go anywhere for fear that something bad will happen. Or we can choose to live, love and lead by example. I asked my kids this question, would you choose to not travel, go to concerts and stay in your sheltered environment for fear of being bombed or hurt? Their answer was unequivocally, we will not live like that. My son says the chances of being hurt in a terror attack is so small, why would he stop living his life.

Whether you like Israel as a country or not, one cannot argue that Israeli’s (that includes Jews, Christians and Muslims) live in the moment. Seize the moment – carpe diem. The people of Israel have had to adjust to the terror attacks on an on-going basis. Of course you have to make good choices, or the best you know how, but to stop living gives into the terrorist.

I am going abroad travelling this summer with my family and this is the attitude we will take. We will be careful, or as careful as we can. I will trust my intuition. I did tell my son he cannot wander around in the same manner as at home without me knowing where he is. He didn’t like that. That’s the mother in me!

I encourage each and every one of us to put fear aside. Please do not let is rule your life. Be smart, follow your gut but never stop enjoying life and living.

I want to wish you a wonderful weekend.

All my love,



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