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Posted Thursday, March 26th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of youth

Youth empowerment – what is it really? Is it letting people make the changes you want to see or is it you becoming involved in the process — being part of the change and transformation?

I see it as being part of and creating the changes you want to see.  

I just got off a conference call where the parties were talking about transforming a building that is run down and will be used by children after school or potentially on weekends to go to where  you can play sports, music, computers, etc.  Some might consider these children “less fortunate” or in need of. I say we are all human and all equal and deserve to have inspiring and good things in our lives.

I put forward the idea of including the children who will use this center and benefit from it – to empower them to be part of the change process – empower them to add to this project – draw something on a wall, paint, clearing, whatever it is they can offer. Maybe have a contest and name the project and then take pictures of the project from beginning to end. This way the children will see how they were part of this transformation – creating an incredible and inviting center – one they are proud of! This feeling can be carried throughout their lives to remind them THEY CAN DO IT.

This project is something I am looking forward to being involved with even if only from a concept part.  

This is what I mean by co-creating. I am looking forward to more of this.

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