I’m Embracing My Fun Side!

Posted Friday, December 11th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

You were able to talk on the phone with your girlfriends for hours and talk about everything and anything. Of course today with msn and chat rooms it makes it much easier to have more people on board in the conversation. Remember when you just laughed and laughed at a story or even at nothing.

As mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, employees, and whatever hat we may be wearing we FORGET to let down our hair and be in the moment and have fun. WHY??? I don’t believe there is any one answer. I feel it comes down to we ALLOW this to be — maybe we believe that is what being a responsible adult is all about.

Well I have to differ. In my 40th year it was so much fun because everyone wanted to celebrate and now at 42 1/2 my friends and I slipped back into our pattern.

Almost every energy reading that I have done in the last year and a half the message is SLOW DOWN, ENJOY LIFE MORE, RELAX, LAUGH, HAVE FUN.

I just moved four months ago and I met this woman who lives on my street and happens to be part of the Spirituelle Diva group that I joined. I love to host parties and I really wanted to get back to this especially with my new home — open it up. I approached her about having a party – a Pajama party. We sent out invitations to 20 women and it was very clear NO PJs NO ENTRY. Now this was an adult version (would have loved this when I was 16!) with martinis & wine, hors d’oeuvres, dinner and dessert. WOW. Most of all there was so much laughter, letting our hair down, dancing and fun. The energy of my place was electric. When the women left we handed out ceramic teddy bear cups filled with candy and chocolate kisses. There had to be party favours!

The women had so much fun .. I loved reading the thank you comments the next day. I am considering making this an annual event.

In the last days of this month, as you approach the holidays be grateful for what you have and the people in your life and REALLY ENJOY THEM!

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