I’m Off To University … Doesn’t Seem Like My Mom Is Sad

Posted Thursday, August 13th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of youth

GREAT CONVERSATION… I meet with a group of Women to discuss the book, Tao Te Ching —  This is a very enlightened book, reminding us how simple life is — a way of being.

Many discussions come up and the other day a discussion came up that this woman’s daugther said to her that she doesn’t seem so up set for her to go off to university.  In fact, all the other mothers are really upset.

I know this woman. She lives her life authentically and with purpose.  She knows that we do not own our children and as much as we want to protect our children she understands that this is not so; that our children have their own path to go on.

ASK YOUR DAUGTHER… I said that this woman needs to ask her daughter if she prefers the mother that trusts and loves her daughter unconditionally and is empowering and encouraging her to go off and “spread her wings”.  She is always there for her however she does not want to impose her views and thoughts.

OR she can have a mother who is overbearing, feels she must protect her child at all cost, is a worrier, neurotic and controlling?

If I were this woman’s daughter I will go up to my mom and say “thanks for loving me unconditionally and trusting in me and my decisions. I love you!”

The path is yours to create …. enjoy and know you are being guided and loved.

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