Recently, I have had conversations with two different people, one young man in his late teens and the other one close if not the same.  Both are telling me that you get it: we must be more environmentally friendly to save the planet, we need to learn from our parents’ generation: stop living off credit, every one is equal and so on.

Knowing something at the theoretical level and being aware and wanting to make a difference by acting — being part of the change– are two different things.  We are called HUMAN BEINGS for a reason – Human = doing part, what we do, how we act, the decisions we make and BEING = the essence of WHO we are: nurturing, unconditionally loving, generous, loving spirits who look at the world as one and connected – we are all equal and one and deserve to be treated this way.

My site for youth only opens up and starts the conversation — it is then what we do with this information: your thoughts and opinions about what concrete changes you want to see, how we can implement “green” ideas into our homes, schools, businesses, etc., ways to combat poverty and begin to empower others.  I am looking to co-create these types of programs to go after funding, looking for mentors in the business world and begin to build these relationships and even more important begin to empower you, the youth, to unleash your greatness from within – create your own programs. It takes trust, time and communication and then it will take commitment, action, perseverance, a belief in ourselves and the universe and YES, guidance from many.

Don’t just think about it — act on it NOW.

Take a look at this YouTube:  it has been viewed by millions of people – mostly kids from around the world . It’s called the Lost Generation and it was produced by a young girl who won acclaim for it. Hear her message – LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING!



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