In my 20s … and on my jounrey

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This letter was sent to me from a young woman that I met while taking my Reiki levels I & II. She is an amazing woman who has already been through so much growth and awareness.

I find the youth today are much more aware of their life and world around them. They are looking from within in order to create the life they want rather than being told this is the way it is.

This woman has embarked on a journey that took her to an Island in South Korea. I am following her journey so that she can share with you her own experiences. As it has been a couple of months I will ask her for an update.

Here is her letter to me Nov/08.
Journey To South Korea

I am writing this article from my classroom on Jeju Island, South Korea. It seems like I have been here longer than three months, perhaps, this is because so much has happened during this time.
Travelling to South Korea was not my first option, however, a student loan was the driving force behind my decision. My life before Korea was interesting, I graduated from University in July, 2007,and then travelled to Namibia, Africa, to visit my sister for a few months. When I arrived home from this journey, I decided to sleep on my mother’s couch for a short while until I would travel to S. Korea in January. However, this did not happen. I was going through major changes and this made feel too vulnerable to begin a new adventure in a foreign country. My mother is the one who encouraged me to stay in Toronto to see a counsellor in order to release some of the stuff that I was carrying deep inside. I accepted my mother’s wisdom and stayed an extra nine months. During this time, I was working different jobs, earning just enough to support my eating habits and leisure activities. I had decided that because of my privileged situation of not having to pay rent in a big city, I would just live simply. This is exactly what I did. During this time, I focused on building a strong foundation and connection with myself, with the guidance of an amazing therapist, that continues to sustain me while I am here in Korea. During this time I was given a very unique space where I could reveal my true being so I held this space as very sacred in my heart. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to follow my true interests in natural health and healing by taking a Reiki course. This course was amazing, it allowed me to connect with the Reiki energy and meet two very unique women, my teacher and fellow(ess) student, Sandra. Meeting these two women reminded me of how much I love this field and how it is possible to dedicate your life to a passionate creation and make it happen, successfully, in Toronto! I was in awe of how they spoke so openly and confidently about their journeys as I have been feeling the same way for a long time, but always have kept this information close to my heart and am very selective with whom I share .
The date of departure crept up very quickly and I needed to commit to the experience or decline. This was a stressful time because I was in a state of fluctuation; however, I received numerous signs from people and myself that it was the right time to go, so I booked by ticket two days before I left, for a year long commitment!
Now I am here, and It has been almost four months! My journey has just begun, and I know for sure that I am where I am supposed to be and am happy to be here. Aside from the exterior situation, all remains the same within, yet, I am in a great place to continue to come into my own and give thanks for this opportunity. In my next article I invite you to read about the magic of this Island and the opportunities, challenges and experiences that I have encountered up to this point. Blessings from a young woman on Jeju Island, South Korea.


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  1. Arnold10 on October 10th, 2009 6:39 pm

    I can tell they are about to go to seed. ,

  2. Sandra on October 12th, 2009 11:01 pm

    If you mean – plant the seeds for what she wants then, yes. What is great is that we plant many seeds and we just let them foster and grow and unfold as they are meant to.


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