In This Time Of Turmoil, We Need To Shield More Than Ever

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We have been in mercury retrograde which is a time for communication errors – through your computers, your electrical equipment or just plain ‘ol “talking” miscommunication. It is also a time for disruptions in our work, schedule and contracts. It has been suggested that you do not sign contracts during this time or you may need to revisit them.

I have definitely been experiencing some of this in my own life. The best way to make it through is to go with the flow.

We are also in a full moon. This moon, I was told, is about dealing with that which is your lesson -acknowledging it and bringing it forward so that you can work through it and release it. For me, I have been dealing in a round about way with my self-worth. I guess all of our issues can come down to self-worth in some form or another. For me, it is that all that I wanted for my family is coming true and I guess a part of me still questions whether I am good enough to be receiving all that is wonderful and good. The answer of course is yes, I am worthy and so are you, of receiving all that you want and that is your truth and brings you to your greatest good.

One thing I need to be careful of is that there are many people who are refusing to deal with the issues of their life and lessons that need to be learned that come from awareness. For those people, the same things will continue over and over again. We are seeing this in the micro form -the individual – as well as the macro form- countries and the world at large. For those people and countries their vibration is lower than mine and as a result I am allowing this energy to pull me down. I fell exhausted right now and am allowing my thoughts to run crazy. This is not me — although it was me at one time however I worked hard at really calming my mind and bringing my thoughts to peace, harmony, laughter, and love.

Lately I have been guiding myself and others to ground themselves in this time especially when they are about to enter into a precarious or trying situation. This may be a personal one or professional one. Either way being grounded and shielding ourselves from this lower, negative energy — crazy financial markets, countries in turmoil, riots, high unemployment amongst youth, crazy weather patterns — is important.

To ground yourself, close your eyes and imagine your legs are heavy like tree trunks and the roots of the trees are pulling you deeper into the ground. You can feel the weight of your legs holding you down – grounding you so that nothing can bull you over – not a physical push, nor an insult, nor a negative thought. This will help you deal calmly with these situations as they arise. I also like to shield, as I am open to receiving and want to make sure that I only let in positive, high vibrating energy rather than that negative, lower energy that is out there. There are many ways to shield yourself and I am sure that you can look this up or ask someone and find what works best for you.

For me, I call in white light and I cover myself, clear a room with it or whatever I need. I ask that the white light absorb all lower energies and only allow that which is higher vibrating energy surround me. The other can be sent into the white light and then dissipated.

This weekend make sure that you take time to ground and shield yourself if you need.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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2 Responses to “In This Time Of Turmoil, We Need To Shield More Than Ever”

  1. Tom Martin on August 14th, 2011 5:50 pm

    Very insightful! I “had a feeling” we were in a retrograde! Thanks also for the exercise — perfect!

  2. Sandra on August 15th, 2011 4:29 pm

    Yes… and boy I feel it. So good to hear from you!



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