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For many of us there comes a point in our life where we begin to question ourselves, our purpose, and our choices. I have come to realize that we all have our stories. The question is do you allow this story to define and shape you, even if it is not what you want? My journey has span over a decade and only recently in the last few years did I come to realize that my greatest question to myself is WHO AM I? Am I a mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend – Who Am I? These are titles and not who we are. I am kind, I am compassionate, I am loving – this is who I am. It has taken many baby steps and I have sat down and thought about my journey. Now I want to share the road map that I took to bring me to this point. You will still need to do your work to find your truth. Each workshop takes you to a greater place of clarity and knowing. Saying that, you can do this as a series or you can do each one separately. With this knowledge you will take what resonates and make it your own. TAKE IT, CLAIM IT & MAKE IT YOUR OWN.

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