Is “Personal Responsibility” an Endangered Concept?

Posted Friday, February 4th, 2011. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

We are very fortunate in Canada and take a lot for granted. I was just speaking with a friend of mine and we were talking about the situation in Egypt. The outcome can change the course of the Middle East which has some very concerned. I believe it can also be a good thing.

The youth is speaking up and they are demanding democracy – freedom of speech, jobs, ability to make choices, and so on. We in Canada, what can I say, our apathy is prevalent. There is SO MUCH to be grateful for yet we take so much for granted. We wake up, choose what we want to wear, what we want to eat, where we want to work (for the most part), who we want to see and so on. These luxuries are not common to all humankind. Yet so many Canadians are stressed and unhappy. Meanwhile we have every freedom available to us. It is up to us to make ourselves and our lives the way we want it.

We, as humans, like to blame others for our condition yet we always play a part. I find it ironic that I see ads on tv or read an article in the newspaper how we as Canadians need to be more responsible on how we spend. Granted I do agree with that. Our debt/equity ratio is poor and more and more Canadians (as well as peoples from so many other countries) are not in a good financial position. SAYING THAT, what about our Government with a Deficit that will take 7 years to clear. Mirror mirror on the wall.

I have talked about this before, accountability and responsibility is something that seems to be going by the wayside. Not just here in Canada but all over the world: U.S., Greece, Ireland, Spain, Egypt and the list goes on. We must get back to that and in doing so we can begin to walk our talk and make better choices: personally, in our businesses and in our Governments.

The National Post ran a series talking about Canada, “the Nanny State” – discussing how because we have access to things, for instance our health care, that we do not feel compelled to take care of ourselves better and thus take advantage of an already stretched system. Going to the doctor is easy however if it cost us each time we might think otherwise and only go when we really feel something is wrong.

You cannot blame Canadians completely we have so much propaganda thrown at us by the Medical and Pharmaceutical companies and we buy into their “stuff”: the flu shot, H1N1, and so on.

It will be nice to see that as humans we take control and full responsibility for our choices. By doing so we can begin to change things: our environment – less reliance on oil and find a substitute that is more environmentally friendly, health – be more proactive and move away from the idea of “cure” and move towards healing, innovation – reduce the red tape that exists especially in Ontario and allow our entrepreneurs to thrive and grow and compete on a global level.

We do not need to rebel like the Egyptian youth for they are fighting for basic human rights. We, in Canada, have this luxury. What we need to do is on a personal level begin to take responsibility for our choices and outcome. By doing so will shift everything – the reflection of this will be seen in our businesses, our economy, our politics and especially in our Government.

If not for you then for your children, begin to walk your talk — make yourself accountable and responsible.

I want to wish you a “personally responsible” weekend – you make it whatever you want!

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