After I wrote my first article about my core beliefs surrounding finances, I knew that I must lead by example here and really start to investigate where I stand financially.


I have a team of people who work together that I deal with – one person deals with my insurance and mutual funds, Warren, and the other, Jeff, does my investments – stocks, bonds, etc.  I also have a locked in RRSP (like the 401K in the US) from working many years ago.  I first met with Jeff and we started to talk.  He became very passionate about certain topics: knowing exactly where your money is, the type of investment it is in, how it is performing, the fees charged (mutual funds charge a yearly fee).  We will get into products later this is still just figuring out where I stand (and you of course!).

He became so passionate that at one point I just looked at him and I said, “I really don’t know the answers to some of your questions”, or “ I am not sure what type of mutual fund I hold?”  Did I feel stupid, a little however I know that I am on the path of awareness.  I had to run out at one point to put money in the meter for I thought our meeting will only take one hour and lasted nearly 2 hours. I didn’t realize it but I just missed the parking police by a few minutes and I got a ticket!!!!!!!!  I feel like this is a “reminder” by the universe (unfortunately not my first parking ticket) to keep it moving … with my dreams and vision!


I appreciate(d) his enthusiasm and that he cares how my money does, I asked Jeff if I can gather my information and we will get back together.  Well I had some work to do. I went to my basement where all my financials are kept and I ploughed through old statements (I shredded them) until I found what I needed.  I gathered this along with some other pertinent information. I am waiting for my June 30th statements to come out.  In the meantime Jeff, Warren and I sat down the other day and talked.  We went over the financial information and I felt really good that I had a better idea where I am at financially.  I reduced my fear completely by taking back my power.  I am also taking responsibility for my actions and decisions.  I am part of the decision making process.  I have decided to change the course of saving and investing that I have been doing putting myself on a different path. I am excited.


I challenge each and every person to do what I did, really begin to figure out where you stand.  It is my firm belief that there is no issue or financial mess that you cannot get out of. It begins with making a decision to wanting to know, second taking your responsibility and accountability in being part of the “mess” and then being part of making it better and work for you.  Maritza and I will be there to cheer you on.

All my best,



To continue on the topic of credit cards I would like to briefly talk about why we need to maintain our credit.
For the past year and half the financial market has taken a bad roller coaster ride. Many of us are frieghten and are becoming fearful of loosing our jobs. For some of us the financial market has created tremendous panic; some of us are afraid to spend and afraid to use our credit cards. My opinion is  not to let fear take your power away.  We need to use our credit card to built our credit and to maintain a healthy economy. Yes, we should not live above our means, thats a lesson  we all learned. We should use our credit system wisely.

Maritza Beltre


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