Maritza shares her personal financial “ups” and “downs” and how letting go of WORRY has moved her to fulfill her passion:

Do I worry about my Finances??
I will answer that question by giving you my story. The first quarter of 2007 (Jan. – March) was an outstanding year for me and my husband. We were doing excellent with our investments: As a partner with a commodity hedge firm on Wall street I earned good money and my husband and I opened up our own restaurant, serving unique authentic food and style. We owned a couple of rental buildings as well as a couple of prime real estate land in the Dominican Republic. We made another big and excellent investment — we invested in two amazing breath-taking condos by the water facing NYC and the Statue of Liberty. It was great!

A couple of months after the market crashed!! What happened next was very interesting.

In business, we lost our major investments due to the market crash in the hedge firm therefore substantial amount of my cash flow dropped. The restaurant sales went down about 35-40%. The phenomenal investment of the two condos were no longer a great deal and became a financial nightmare. We actually ended up losing 50% of our down payment on the combined condo investment of $2.3 million. Our family saving was slowly decreasing. My husband and I no longer were generating a strong income to run our finances.


NO. I had just finished reading a book called Psychogenesis: Everything Begins in Mind by Jack Addington a few months prior to our own finance crash. Thank God I did for it was really helpful. The main point I got from this outstanding book was don’t worry, all worrying does is hurt you in and outside. Worrying does not speed up the process nor will it support what you are worrying about and make it stop. So why focus on that instead focus on what you want and the solution. My husband and I did just that. Today I am happy pursing my vision to open my own company Quasar OMw which focusses on Empowering Women. My husband is still doing what he loves, real-estate. Is our current cash flow situation the same? No, however we are happy living our passion and we both believe in abundance. To me the key lesson in all of this is Don’t Give Up! Learn, grow and remember that we can choose to change things — be of service and you will succeed.

Our beliefs have shifted, we let go of worry and our financial life is moving in a healthy direction.

WORRY AND GUILT ARE WASTED EMOTIONS… I decided many years ago to let these emotions go. It takes time and practice and if you can catch yourself and remind yourself then you will do it more often and readily.

As life is about choices we do have the choice to be in the moment. We’ve talked a lot about your closet and like your closet — when you stand in the middle of it and look around you make your decisions in the here and now what you will wear — not tomorrow rather right now. And that outfit you wore yesterday that you may worry didn’t look so great — guess what, yesterday is finished, done.

Be in the now when it comes to ALL of your decisions. With your finances, you may have been a worrier, or come from lack (I am always in debt, how am I going to pay for this or whatever) — that was yesterday or even your last thought and THIS thougth can be about gratitude for what you do have. As you shift your beliefs, feelings and thinking, you shift your outcome. Start now!

All our love,

Maritza and Sandra

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