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I don’t know about you but I know so many people who have been sick lately and ironically most cases are to do with the chest: bad chest cold, bronchitis, pneumonia. I have also seen friends with ear infections,vertigo, and strep throat. Personally, I am recovering from a bad cold that is lingering into it’s third week.

What is happening is a huge clearing of old emotional things that we have been holding. We hold grief in our chest and lungs and by releasing the emotional stuff held here for aeons is helping us prepare for the March Equinox, Springtime. Spring time is a time for clearing out junk in your garage and home. Now our bodies are joining in this time of clearing and doing so emotionally and spiritually.

I have also seen erratic behaviour and feelings. This week I experienced my first anxiety attack. It was overwhelming. I didn’t know what it was and then how to deal with it. It has taken me days to work through these anxious feelings I have been holding. It is from my current situation? No, I believe these are feelings I may have experienced before as a young child and possibly another lifetime.

The wonderful thing is I did deal with it. In fact my work has been unfolding and I see that my “old” debilitating beliefs that I once held no longer hold me today. I deal with things in a much more effective way. I am so much better at expressing myself in a clear way that is not emotionally based. I am clear on my purpose for this world, the people I choose to surround myself with, and my life and what I desire.

Allow things to come to the surface for that means you can begin to let things go. Take care of yourself, nurture yourself, laugh and do fun things. You may want to change up the same ‘ol choices. I choose to embrace what is happening and let go. The process of letting go is a work in progress for me. I am doing much better however there is still room for improvement. Near the end of the month you many find things become intense and challenging. Like all “storms” that passes through they eventually leave. I have read that this full moon, on the 27th, will be a tough one for all. I tell you this not to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. No, to put up your “storm shutters” and weather it the best you can. By early April things will emerge much better. Be kind to yourself.

I wanted to share an article by Brenda Hoffman that I found interesting. Before I sign off I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. It looks like it is going to be a sunny one here!

The Universes are Gifting a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

a message from Brenda Hoffman
Tuesday, 5 March, 2013 (posted 6 March, 2013)

Dear Ones,

This week many things are happening to remind you that you are of 3D as well as other dimensions. Even though you have hoped, prayed and meditated to remove yourself from all aspects of 3D, you are discovering this week that such is not possible. Of course, you continue to interact with 3D activities and people. That is expected. But what you are discovering this week is that you are uncovering 3D issues you thought you had left in the past.

Such thoughts are disconcerting to you. Not because you do not believe that such is true, but that you are so exhausted by your efforts to clear your 3D spiritual, physical and emotional issues. You are not a slow learner or a bad person. You are merely cleansing yourself of pieces that remain stuck.

You are clearing issues that have been deeply hidden for aeons.

Many of you are proclaiming that you have diligently cleared those issues – that we have even told you that you have done so. And so you have. But as you grow, expand and shift to higher and higher dimensions more issues hidden deep within you are uncovered.

You have cleared much to feel comfortable within the fourth or even fifth dimensions. What you are clearing now is beyond anything we thought you were capable of in this lifetime on earth. You are going beyond extra credit – you are flying through your issues. Of course, you are not feeling at ease about this week’s cleansing, but we are. For we know how capable you are. If you decide to move far beyond what was thought possible in this lifetime – you will. And so you are.

We must tell you why this week is a cleansing of all parts of your being. You have completed the initial clearing of your spiritual and emotional beings. You have started the deep cleaning of your physical being. This week is almost like a “Get Out of Jail Free” Monopoly game card in that the astrological aspects are encouraging you to dig deeper, to clear what continues to be a 3D fear that does not allow you to fully enjoy your new being.

Just as there are different dimensions – you do not yet have words to describe the levels correctly by the way – in descending order from the infinite dimension to 1D, there are also different levels of clearing. Your psychological studies of the past century cleared many fears from this lifetime, as did more nontraditional modalities such as past life regression or visualizations. Once the New Age was introduced, you cleared issues that allowed you to feel comfortable in dimensions beyond 3D. This week, you are able to further clear issues that create a ‘glass ceiling’ for your dimension hopping and studies.

You do not need to use this energy if you do not wish to. You merely need to tell your inner-being that you are tired and wish to remain where you are for the time being or forever. For this week’s clearing may include several very uncomfortable physical elements from deep headaches to diarrhea or similar clearing/cleansing symptoms.

At the same time, the 3D elements that have directed your life on earth for eons will be exposed in a number of different ways. For example, if you have experienced abuse in various lifetimes, this week may see that piece come to the forefront for your review and final clearing. The same with care taking, victimization, financial fears, etc.

Your buttons will be pushed if you are willing to have them pushed. If not, this is the time to tell your inner-being that you have cleared enough for now. You will have opportunities to clear those issues at future dates.

Some of you wish to expedite your transition and that is the gift the Universes are giving you these next few days.

Of course, you can shift the level and speed of your transition at any time. You are in control of your life and the direction of your transition. If you feel too uncomfortable, you merely need to go within and ask if this is what is best for you at this time.

Your outer need to expedite your transition might not be appropriate for your physical being or you may be too exhausted emotionally, spiritually or physically to continue. That is fine. You can stop or change direction at any time.

The only piece no longer possible is a comfortable return to 3D life. Even though you have passed that entrance never to return, you have many other choices and entrances to select. One of which is this week’s clearing of deeply held fears. Fears that do not stop you from transitioning, but do hinder your feelings of bliss – and are probably doing so at this time.

Listen to your inner-being. Travel and clear at the speed that is correct for you knowing that you are of the New Age – an age that allows and encourages you to step beyond your expected boundaries. Just as the Old Age encouraged you to remain within the boundaries established by your others.

You are indeed free. Free to travel at the pace that is correct for you and to select any entrance that feels right at this time. This week’s unusual energies are merely one entrance among thousands that the Universes are gifting you as you move further and further into the New Age. So be it. Amen.

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