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Posted Thursday, December 31st, 2009. Filed Under My Daily Dose

I would like to conclude with the final post of this year and this decade with the central theme of this website – The power of attitude.  So much of our successes and failures can be attributed to our attitude.  This interesting and inspiring video.  How would you feel if your job was to hold a sign next to a street?  I bet you are thinking it is boring and mundane, right?  Check out the video and see.  I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here is an excerpt from the blog…

In the world of mind-numbingly boring jobs, swinging a sign to advertise mattress sales or open houses along Bay Area roadways ranks pretty high. The sign dudes usually look completely dejected, drugged, or like they’re desperately trying to pretend they’re somewhere else. Who wouldn’t?

So as I walked down Fourth Street by Moscone Center this morning, you can imagine my excitement to see this dude, who had taken his sign job to a higher realm — a freakin’ signage samurai. Talk about flair! We weren’t alone in our amazement. Motorists waiting at the stoplight took him in with their mouths hanging open; commuters passing with iPod buds in their ears smiled at the completely unexpected skills of this maven. Spinning the sign like a basketball on his finger, slashing it around him back like a mad baton twirler, stopping it in mid-air to head-bang for a bit.”

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