It Takes Courage to Make a Difference

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I rented the movie, The Help, this past weekend and loved it. What I loved most about it was the message of courage … from the black African-American women who took their lives in their hands when they shared stories of what it was like to work for a white family and raise their children. Second, the courage of the Skeeter Phelan who chronicled the stories of these women. Much risk was taken on both sides. This took place just prior/beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.

It was all about courage… to speak up and speak out! This was extreme because these African-American women could have been killed or jailed and Skeeter, a white sympathizer, could have been ostracized and yes killed by white supremacist. This did not stop the women because it was about something more than them … their children. These women knew that if they were going to create a better world for their children they needed to challenge the system in place.

This message is just wanted I needed to hear just prior to finishing my book. Writing a book is time-consuming and you do not see the results right away. And then there is the wonder .. will this impact the people you want or will I offend anyone? My truth is, it doesn’t matter. I am taking the courage to write the book that I believe holds much wisdom (not only mine.. many others as well) and will reach the people it is meant to. As for offending some, I am willing to take the chance for I believe that many of our systems need change and I am encouraging the youth to do so.

So, if I have to choose a life of playing it safe or taking risk and being courageous, I choose the latter.

I ask you to do the same. It does not mean you have to write a book .. start small. Choose to do something that excites you and challenges you. This is the advice I got from Bob Proctor, motivational speaker and author. I really like this advice. It may mean calling your mother/father/daughter/son to say “hi and I love you”. It may mean offering to take your niece or nephew out for a few hours and be alone with him or her even though you have no children of your own and don’t really know what you are doing. That’s ok. The only way to learn something is to practice. So get going.

Courage … is a choice!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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