It’s a full moon today – Breathe and Enjoy!

Posted Thursday, April 9th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Today is the full moon and I can tell you that this moon has affected myself and some friends greatly. So, if you felt like crying, laughing, screaming or some other emotion do not worry you were not alone. I have also been feeling very drained. I am glad that the shift to a new moon is happening as I am beginning to feel better today.
The holidays are upon us for many – Passover for some and Easter for many. Whatever your degree or level of observing I wish each and everyone and their families a wonderful holiday.  I know for me I am more traditional however I always love being with my family and watch my children and their cousins play together.
I have been doing a lot of free flow writing and burning to release this emotional phase as well as yoga, pilate, cardio and breathing.
I am grateful for all that is in my life, including you!  Enjoy this weekend!

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