It’s more than being positive: it’s your attitude

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I just want to continue the train of thought that I posted with my words of wisdom for today.

Attitude. What exactly does that mean? Is it just our thoughts? It is more than that? It encompasses your attitude, behaviour, actions, belief and being.

I am working on a number of projects and one of the people in the group has been a little more questioning of the outcome. When I approached him about his attitude he said he was being positive. I pointed out that positive is more than mere words… it also comes down to belief and action while letting go of the outcome.

When he and I worked on a project in the spring there were the naysayers. Yet he and I pulled off a miracle in 6 weeks. I reminded him of this. There is so much we can do when we put our mind, action and belief into things.

When I choose to take something on I do so with full intent. I put 100% or more into it and know I will get great results. Do I see them right away, not always. What has kept me going lately is the words I recently read, “when one door closes there are 10,000 that open”. I love this for it reminds me that when I get a NO there are so many other doors waiting to open.

I know that we are technology driven society, however, there is something to be said for knocking on doors, literally. This week I went into an area of town where one of the events is locally taking place and we reached out to the local businesses asking for their support our event and cause. All but one of the businesses were open to reading our proposal. I know that even if we only get a fraction of the people coming on board we would never have otherwise reached them.

For me, attitude has proven to be the real change in the outcome in my life. It is more than being positive. It is about doing the work and trusting that a good outcome will come – whatever that means, and whatever that looks like.

I also know that when I approach people, especially when I am asking for money, that when I have a good attitude and positive energy, people feed off of this.

I encourage those that first go to the negative or questioning to trust a little more. For others, like myself, it is sometimes a matter of letting go of expectation and outcome. It can be challenging. One thing I can say is that when you do this, put out a great attitude and be positive you open yourself to potential miracles. Keep in mind, while that one door may close, there will be another 10,000 that will open.

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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