It’s my birthday coming up… July 1st, Canada Day

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This year has been quite the year for me with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

This week I decided to make a big shift.

I knew that I needed to change some things in my life in order to create what I truly desire and want. To do so required much more than journal writing and letting go. I needed in a sense to re-wire my thoughts (and feelings) which lead to outcomes. It means thinking about all the words I tell myself, what I speak aloud, who I share my dreams with, which friends I choose to surround myself with.

This was a big one for me because I have had to put certain friendships to the side because I do not feel they will assist me in this process…. even if they don’t know what I am doing.

I began the process last Wednesday and I am really sticking to my desire.

My birthday is July 1st and I was born on Canada’s 100th birthday. Is this significant or not? I don’t know. What I do know is that my work is beyond finding a job and my desire is to truly make a difference in this world for our children, the next leaders.


I am excited about what my life holds from this day forward.

If anything I have shared this year has helped you on your own journey then I know I have done good.

I really want the best for each person. I can only give you tools and share my own experiences. It is then up to you to make your own changes. I hope I have inspired you to be true to yourself and only surround yourself with people that really love you unconditionally. Family… well you can choose how much or how little you include them. I am really talking about your inner circle.

I am going to be spend some time with my family and then off to friends for a pool party.

This is the first year in 22 years that I have spent a summer in the city. It’s been different and good. I just needed an attitude shift.

I want to wish all my Canadian readers an amazing weekend and a wonderful July 1st Canada – that is the best present you can give me.

For those elsewhere have a wonderful weekend.

Decide how you want your life to unfold and then go for it.

All my love,


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