ROSH HASHA – THE JEWISH NEW YEAR.. When I realized that this life was one of many and I mean many lives that I have lived, I pondered and wondered why did I choose to come back as a Jewish person, in Canada, as a twin?  Ok so I think too much sometimes!  My thoughts were more based on curiousity. I do love being Jewish and Canadian however even more important is that I am a good person first and foremost for I do believe we are all connected.

Last year I attended shul with my family when the boys were with my ex-husband.  I sat there listening to the rabbi who has lived in Israel for more years than I can remember. While most people sleep during a rabbi’s sermon, I really listenened to his sermon. While I like this rabbi, he did say one thing that made my stomach really turn up side down. He said that as jews we must never forget or FORGIVE the holocaust. I do believe “remembering” allows us to make sure that we move our world in a different direction – towards peace and not war HOWEVER to not FORGIVE means putting energy into anger, perhaps hatred, and this lower vibrating energy can become like a prison cell – one that holds us in a “bad place”. The only one who suffers is YOU the individual not letting go and forgiving.

THIS YEAR I DECIDED NOT TO GO TO SHUL… I really thought about this, meditated so to speak on this, and decided that I did not want nor need to go to shul to be close to G-d. I emailed a friend, co-founder of Spirituelle Divas (, and told her of my news and asked if she wanted to put a service together for the Jewish New Year. She was so excited and asked if we can open it up to more people. I said yes as long as the people are serious for I really want to take this time to let go of what has been holding me back, release, surrender and then TAKE THE TIME TO VISUALIZE AND CREATE IN MY MIND WHAT I DO WANT TO SEE HAPPEN AND FEEL IT. Even if it is just planting the seeds.

Karen and I sat down the other day and everything flowed, the words, the exercises, meditations, the intention for the service, all of it. Everyone is really excited. With no expectations I will allow this to unfold as it may.

A PAST LIFE REGRESSION DONE TODAY REVEALED THAT I WAS IN THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS, THE HOLOCAUST, AND DIED IN THE  OVENS. I was at my friend’s house, Mary Montanari ( and she was doing some energy work on me. She discovered that not only I was in the concentration camps, however this is how me, Mary and another close friend of ours is all connected. When I asked if it was the concentration camp I visited when I was 28 years old, called Mauthausen, in Austria while on my Contiki tour, she said “yes”.  It was interesting for when I walked through the camp I was ok however when we got to the tour of the ovens I broke down in tears. It was so overwhelming for me. I thought it was about the plight of the Jewish people and an interesting fact that my sister’s ex-father-in-law was in this camp. NO, it was that I WAS IN THIS CAMP WITH MY TWO FRIENDS (Mary and Viv) AND THAT WE WERE KILLED, PUT IN THE OVENS, and this is how I died.

I am glad that I can get to the point of forgiveness however I do want to be of service — being part of a people that shift the energy of the world away from fear and towards love- first from within and then outwardly to our world.

To those celebrating the Jewish New Year, from my family to yours, we wish you a year filled with sweetness, joy, laughter, abundance, wellness and peace.

All my love,


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