I went to pay my Visa statement and noticed I had a charge for $2.37 from this clothing store that I took my son to. I really didn’t think about it until I went through my Visa statement for the month, which I do each month, checking the statement against the bill to make sure all is good. I noticed that the amount of $2.37 on my Visa statement really should have been $237 – the person who rang it in moved the decimal – in my favour.

When I discovered this I had the same feeling as when I found a $100 bill at the end of my brother’s driveway — I knew it belonged to him and I needed to give it back. These are the little moments which define us and push us to be our best. Most people, unfortunately, would have just “pushed this under the carpet” and hoped that they were only charged the $2.37 versus the $237. For a fleeting moment I thought to myself, “lets see if the store figures it out” and then my truth of who I am came right back and said, “NO, this is not who you are .. you will go in and correct this” and that is exactly what I did. They thanked me for coming in and even though they would have figured it out when they reconciled their month, it made things a lot easier.

I truly want to walk my talk and be who I am. I am the kind of person that will walk over and turn down your collar of your shirt so you look good – a sign of endearment; I am the person that will run that errand or pick up something for you or just give you a hug because you are down. I love to give from my heart and that is who I am. I have also learned to receive and I am doing much better in that category because I understand that my ability to receive is tied into my honouring me – my worth.

I want to shift this a little… last night I went to see Randy Bachman with my boyfriend. He put on the most incredible show. He is such a gifted artist. What really took me was his ability to story tell. He shared his defining moments which helped shape his life, create a song, and even connect him to people that eventually became part of his music world.

We have this idea that it is the big moments that will define our life however this is not often the case. In the case of Randy Bachman he shared how his band got the name The Guess Who? The band actually began as Chad Allen and the Reflections. The Reflections was already being used and they were told to “cease and desist” by a lawyer. Then they thought what about Expressions – again a lawyer’s letter asked them to “cease and desist”. When their first hit came with “Shakin All Over” the company representing them asked them the name of their band so they can begin promoting this. With no name the company chose The Guess Who? – almost like asking the people to figure out who this band and their members are. This is how the name originated.

He shared how he’d be out and a phrase or part of a guitar riff (not sure if this is how you spell it) would catch his attention and from 3 chords he would create songs. The song American Woman was not about women per se .. the woman was the statue of liberty and the song itself was an anti-American song, protesting the Vietnam war where many men were drafted, went off and never came home. The chords came as he was tuning his guitar for a gig and the crowd loved it. He had written a few words on a napkin – high level writing tools at that time (haha) and he tried his lyrics with this amazing sound and viola, the song was born.

We always assume that it was something big or impacting that brings about change. It is not. It is the small actions, the little things, the seconds of a moment that inspire us, tell us, teach us – hey there is something here. A quick hug or kiss can really show someone how much you care; That you can stop the craziness of your life to turn your full attention to that person. For an artist it is that split second which gets the person to stop and take that “inspiration” and turn it into something that impacts the world – through art, music, literature, a movie or whatever.

I ask that this weekend you slow down to notice the little things that catch your eye, pull at your heart strings and feel how this moment can become a defining moment in your life; who you are.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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