Last week I missed my cut off time to post. I know that everything happens the way it is meant to. From last week to this week I have been supplied with much awareness and knowledge both for me and those I care about.

I want people to understand where the energy is at …. what is being supported. More than ever being in your truth is being supported, loving and honouring and valuing yourself, and declaring your intention/wants/needs. I know because this is the theme all around me. I too have been experiencing this. For me, I am fully embracing my truth, declaring my value and what I want for this lifetime, and fully believing and accepting in myself. It has been a journey to get here. I recently sat down to write my intentions for next year as my birthday is fast approaching. I know which parts of me I still want ‘work on’. For the most part I can say after a decade of stripping away layers, challenging my core beliefs and questioning what is serving me and what is not I am at peace within.

I have learned so many life lessons and really took a hard look in the mirror. Sometimes I hated what I saw and I had the choice to change it. All my learning led me to the water and I chose to ‘drink the water’ of the life.

At this time we really are at a cross-roads in life. Life is all about choices. What we must come to learn is that we are ONLY responsible for ourselves and our choices. That does not negate our fellow humans and how we treat them. I am talking about choices and actions that lead to our outcome. We cannot rely on others to do our work, it must come from us and within. There are some that have also been on a journey and are studying, reading, attending lectures and more. That is all good. Information is good. It is not until you embrace this that are you really choosing to make change for how can you see where you are at, what resonates, what doesn’t until you live it every day. You must be it. It is scary and exciting at the same time.

I recently had the opportunity to share my life experience with my son. He had a life lesson this week. He has a friend who he cares about and he is concerned for their safety. This person is not in a good place and he wants to ‘save’ this friend. Saving people is something that I became very good at, especially in my dating. I wanted to save everyone. You cannot save anyone but yourself. You can give someone support, love, guidance, money, help, words of wisdom, share experiences with them. As I told my son you can lead a horse to water and then they must choose from their own free will to drink. It was a tough lesson for my son. I looked at it from two perspectives first what is he reflecting in himself and second how we are truly only responsible and accountable to our choices and actions and never those of other people.

I talked to him about being kind and giving to others. That is only one half of the equation. The second half and the one that determines our worth and value is our ability to receive. I shared that a relationship on whatever level – personal or professional- must be two ways. I want him to understand what a mutually respectful relationship looks like. The arrows go two ways. We are working on a core belief about kindness and acceptance. I am teaching my son about valuing who he is; loving and accepting him and from there it will be reflected back to him in all his relationships. Wow what a week for him.

The second hard lesson for him is not being able to save someone. This is one of the hardest lessons for human beings. We want so badly to save someone we love from harming themselves. Can we do this? Unfortunately no UNLESS the person truly wants to be helped. This is what I mean by drinking the water.
If someone wants to go down the path of destruction, even ending their life we cannot stop them. I asked my son to let this go for it is far beyond his capabilities to handle this. I asked him to remove guilt from this situation. All he can do is be a friend to this person and care. That’s it.

Interestingly I had my own life lesson about ‘drinking the water’ from someone I love and respect. Sometimes the person is ‘drinking the water’ however not in the way we expect nor intend. It was pointed out to me that this person I love is doing their work, transforming and shedding old patterns however in THEIR way. It is coming in the way of doing, which is what he knows best. By transforming their home they are also transforming them. When this was pointed out to me I was able to stand back and realize this truth. It wasn’t how I would do it … so what. It’s not about me. I am very proud of this person and know that they are on a journey of self-discovery in their way and in their time.

So here we are with the new moon on Sunday and approaching the summer solstice. Now is the time to really reflect and decide what you desire in life. Who are you? Do not allow fear or your saboteur to stop you. You are stronger than you think. Look at all of your relationships – personal and professional and see which ones bring you up and which ones bring you down. Do not turn to blame for you are solely responsible for your outcome, your life.

When I said we are at crossroads I beleive there are two paths to go down: truth or deceipt. The former will be supported and the latter will bring suffering. No longer are lies, manipulation, greed, deceipt being supported. The veil has been lifted and all those people, corporations, and countries that choose to exist in the latter, lies and manipulation, will find turmoil.

It is time to trust yourself and the universe. It is time to be in your strength and value who you are. There is no need for fear. It’s time to speak up for you. You don’t have to be rude in fact calmness will show more of your strength. Decide which road is the one you want to go down and then take your first step.

I want to wish you all a wondeful weekend.

All my love,


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