GRATITUDE… I have been on twitter and facebook today and there are so many people sharing their gratitude for the people in their lives and the life that they are leading.

Gratitude is the first place to start when you want to shift something; to be grateful for where you are at — in this moment. While some many have more materially and others less, this is not what defines us. I do believe in abundance for all. For me the greatest thing to be grateful for is my free will and the right to choose the life that I want FOR ME: for myself, my family, my friends and more — all the relationships I have in my life. I know that as I learn to unconditionally love and honour me, this is mirrored in all my relationships: personal, professional, financial, health and wellness, abundance and more.

I recently had a discussion with a new friend, Vivek, and he is originally from India, from a family with very little. His path has been blessed and he was able to leave, have his education paid for from someone he has never met (done anonymously), was able to do his MBA and now he is ready to give back.

We debated about the fact that 2% (I say 1%) of the world’s population controls all the finances while the other 98/99% do not. He wants to focus shifting the paradigms of the 2%. I say it is both – The 1% need to realize that they no longer need to hoard their abundance, especially financial, and that there is enough for all. The 99% of the population need to realize that they are deserving in receiving this abundance. We all deserve food on our “table”, clean healthy water to drink and a “roof” over our head.

It still begins with gratitude…. there is so much to be grateful for — find that and cherish it. Then let us all work together, brother and sister and empower one another to be our greatest self. As we begin to find peace within, we will change the world, one person at a time.

Enjoy today!

All my love,


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