J.I.T.: Just in time… changing a behaviour

Posted Friday, February 26th, 2016. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

It doesn’t matter how long I have before I need to go somewhere for whatever reason I leave my house with just enough time to arrive: Just in time. I have worked hard to change, alter, tweak or even eliminate behaviours that I do not like or want or that do not resonate with me any longer. This is one of them.

I not only consciously deal with this but in my sleep I can vividly recall my dreams – going in circles, having trouble arriving where I want to, going down the wrong path, or just plain being late for something important. Well, it’s time to deal with it… for a number of reasons.

Changing a behaviour happens consciously and subconsciously with the latter being first (I believe). Part of my issue is that I am a type A personality and like to control my environment (a little OCDish). I have worked on letting this go. There was a time when I’d need to leave my house to get to an appointment or meet someone and I could not leave until things were in order. I don’t like a mess. Or perhaps I had a whole bunch of laundry to do I’d put on a load (my mother used to do that!). One thing I have worked on is walking out of my house when it is not in perfect order. I want to change my behaviour and belief system around the need to control and be in order.

I have been doing that. I started to evaluate why I am late even if only 5 minutes… what is it that I am really not addressing. One thing that came to mind was fear of success/failure and/or fear of rejection. I am not entirely sure. It is something I will evaluate further. In the meantime I don’t have to know exactly where it stems from to change it.

I am putting myself on a new path… one where I leave my house in order to be 5 minutes early for my meetings. I also know life happens and there are many things outside of my control. So learning to let go of that is important.

As for my mindset I am focussing on my self-worth, what I have to offer and feeling confident when I go into a meeting – especially a business one. Being a few minutes early (whether I choose to sit in my car or not for a minute or so) will allow me to ground and regroup my thoughts.

The funny thing is even when I begin to change and arrive a few minutes early I don’t know if I can change the belief my family has about me or even my kids for that matter. I will have to let that go too!

I share this for you may have a behaviour you want to change and I encourage you to find the best path possible to do so – a program, a buddy system, or whatever it is that you need to bring the change that you want.

I’ll let you know how it goes over time. I expect one step forward, two back, three forward and so on. And then one day sure enough I will break that behaviour pattern.

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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