Japan 1944 and Japan 2011 – 67 years later

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The devastation that has struck Japan is a reminder how precious life is. It is also a reminder how as we grow, release, let go and then heal as humans, mother earth too must release, let go, heal and change.

I was talking with a friend of mine who was listening to an expert say that the amount of earthquakes is not greater then in previous years, it is just that the earthquakes are hitting more populated areas.

What is fascinating about Japan and its place in the world is how within 67 years, Japan went from a country that was at war with the Western world and democracy and was considered the mortal enemy to today, a country that the world wants to reach out and help. We have evolved as human beings.

Yesterday, I attended a period piece play called, South Pacific, which highlighted this more than ever. The story takes place during WWII. In the story the U.S. marines were stationed on a tiny island between Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and Bali. This strategic location allowed the U.S. to hone in on Japan and find out what it’s naval army were planning/doing. The U.S. with the help of a Frenchman on the island, were able to take a submarine into enemy lines and send back critical information that changed the course of the war. The story itself was really about paradigms and limited beliefs (coloured vs. white one theme). The U.S. troops referred to the Japanese as “The Japs” . There was much hatred toward this group – they were the enemy to destroy. As humans we came up with the perfect weapon – the Nuclear Bomb. THE NUCLEAR BOMB dropped on Hiroshima changed everything then and now.

It has only been 67 years since the Nuclear Bomb was dropped — there are some people who are alive today who remember the devastation. Here we are again, Japan is at threat again of a nuclear disaster however this time, Japan is a country that we want to reach out to and help. Specialists are being called in to help divert a major catastrophe. I can only imagine the fear amongst the peoples’ of Japan and surrounding areas. The fear has risen so much that people here in North America are buying iodine pills just in case.

67 years has passed since WWII and what we witness now is a much different world. We can come together, work together and collaborate to help one another. I find this encouraging and inspiring. Time does heal and we can put our differences aside. Thank goodness we are evolving in the direction of love.

As for those that want to keep us in fear – we have the collective energetic power to change this. Look how far we have come as a people. Change is happening all over the world. When we unite we can make a difference.

I wish you all a great weekend. Continue to send out “good vibes” to those suffering in Japan as well as the Middle East; be grateful for all that you have in your life. We in Canada and the U.S. are truly privileged!

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