I was reading one of the interviews in my Reader’s Digest magazine and it really inspired me. One year later this man talks about how the events of Boston Marathon changed his life forever…. in a weird way, almost for the better.

I recall watching TV recently and seeing the overwhelming numbers of people who showed up to support and participate in the Boston Marathon this year. The clear message is that ‘you can’t stop us’.

For some the Boston Marathon 2013 will be a day to remember for the rest of their lives. This is particularly true for Jeff Bauman whose life changed so dramatically following this event.

The surprising thing about the interview is how positive and inspiring he is. Prior to the explosion he was, in his account “A normal guy with at job at Costco, thinking about going back to school.” He played sports, hung out with friends and had a dream of making something of himself.

From the two explosions he was injured and the outcome was losing both legs (I believe it was both). He says that today he is the same person as before with ‘more obstacles’. He says, “Sometimes walking to the end of the street with my prosthetics feels like running a mile.” Before the incident he didn’t think he had much to offer. Now people write him and say how inspiring he is. Knowing he is encouraging others helps get him out of bed in the morning.

When he recounts the actual incident he tries to block out the ‘bad’ and focus on the good. Initially he didn’t think he was going to make it but while in the ambulance his mindset switched. When he woke up after surgery to find his best friend standing there he thought, “This is great!” He was happy to be alive.

There is a line in his memoir that states: “Bad people are rare, but good people are everywhere.” What he means by this statement is his ability to push aside the actions of the two bombers and focus on all the good people who came together and helped out. He doesn’t even think about the bombers now, he focuses on the people who write him letters and send him things. He is overwhelmed by peoples’ generosity.

What helped was when he was visited by soldiers from the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports U.S. veterans with amputations. He recalls how these guys walked into his hospital room, they had lost both their legs in combat, but they still walked into his room with confidence and strength, like it was nothing. He says, “That’s what I wanted for myself – to walk without fear or embarrassment.”

At the time of the explosion he had a girlfriend for about a year. Following the surgery and loss of legs he told his girlfriend that if she couldn’t handle this and wanted to leave he would understand. She told him to “just shut up” and that she knew the relationship was right and wasn’t going anywhere.

What Jeff chooses to keep in his mind and spirit is not the incident but the hope that brave people rushed in and saved lives.

He knows he’s going to be fine.

WOW this story blew me away. I want to leave you with the possibility to find this strength within yourselves and know that fundamentally the human race is good and that while bad people and bad incidences do occur we, as humans, will rise above. I know sometimes when you read the headlines around the world it doesn’t seem to support this… please know the energy of the world is shifting and the issues in Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, Egypt, and more will find a way to come back to goodness and the people. It will take time. How long I don’t know. I truly believe it is up to the human race. Peace, happiness, joy are all choices. So are power-mongering, anger, meanness and so on.

I choose the former over the latter and day!

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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