Jennifer Hoffman: Energies of September, 2011

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I am a big fan of Spirit Library and I wanted to share what is going on energy wise for September. I am doing this mostly for me because I have not been feeling centred or focused. Of course reading this helped me, and may help others, so please read and enjoy. This is the month of integration.

The Energies of September 2011

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 5 September, 2011

As I write this I cannot believe that it is already September and this year is nearly over. Some of us are looking with some degree of anxiety at next year, wondering what is going to happen in 2012. Is the earth going to end? Will all of our social and economic systems fail? Will we be annihilated through cataclysmic earth changes? Don’t let the fear of what could happen be the dominant theme in your life for the next four months because we do have the ability to shift anything, including the potential for 2012. And in September we begin to step forward and integration is this month’s theme.

It’s been a tough year, which has been an ongoing theme for this century. The promise of this century is that everything will change and change always brings some degree of chaos. We can’t clean out our psychic and emotional closets without taking everything out so we can examine each piece and decide whether we want that in our life. I cleaned out all of my dresser drawers this weekend and my room, for a while, was a mess, with piles of clothes everywhere. But it gave me a chance to sort through what I no longer needed and what I wanted to keep. Someone else will find joy and value in what I have decided to give away because it is no longer right for me.

When we are in the process of transformation our focus is on staying grounded and balanced, trying to make sense of what is happening and finding our center. But this level of transformation also changes our center, which makes us feel ungrounded. We can’t find comfort in the familiar because all of that has changed and we forget that to create a new center we must integrate new energies. And that is what we will do in September, integrate what we have learned so we step forward in new ways, creating new ways of being to replace what we no longer need, or what no longer needs us.

There are some wonderful aspects and energies for integration this month, with an emphasis on questions like “Is this right for me?” and “Is there something better?” What we focus on is what we create, so our intention will be important, as will our ability to see beyond the ‘what’ and look at the ‘why’ as it pertains to our own healing path. We are responsible for our lives, our growth and our ascension; no one else can or will do that for us. September will allow us to begin to rise from the ashes of our past and live in the present moment, where we consciously create life as we want it and remember ourselves as co-creators. This month we need to use our spiritual helpers, reconnect to our divinity and power and start believing that life is a joy-ful and joy-filled adventure. Start creating yours today by integrating what you have learned, releasing what you no longer need, acknowledging what no longer needs you and have a wonderful month.

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This weekend take some time “de-clutter”, cut cords from things that are not serving you well, release and let go. Forgiveness may likely be a part of this process. In this process you may need to “shield” yourself from people, situations or things that will draw you down (lower/negative energy).

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope that the transition back to work and/or school was a good one.

Thank goodness my head feels like it is finally screwed on.

All my love,


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