Jermaine Paul wins season 2 of THE VOICE

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I watched the show that determined Jermaine Paul was the winner of season 2 for The Voice.

It was so exciting not just that night but watching his transformation from being a back up singer guy to a guy who exuded confidence and strength. This is what I want to focus on… stepping into your role as the “main singer” and not just a “back up”.

I resonated with Jermaine because I feel that I have allowed myself to be the “back up singer” in some respects in my life. I was always helping other people build their dreams — I am a visionary. What I wasn’t doing, likely due to fear, was being the visionary for my own dreams.

As Jermaine stepped it up so have I. On my vision board I took a picture of my feet and wrote, “I am putting two feet in”. I was on my way to school and I saw a friend of mine who is training for a half marathon. I told her I feel like the athlete who has done the training and now I must show up to the race or it means nothing.

I am nearly finished my book. I am “testing” it with a number of young kids to get their feedback. I am working on my first project for corporate culture branding and identity. I am so excited. Jermaine Paul has been an inspiration to me and I hope to others. It is time to step into your purpose, passion and power. And that is exactly what I am doing.

It takes baby steps and as you take one step after another, just as Jermaine did week after week, you look back and see how far you have come. This is true even if you are struggling to find your passion and purpose. Start with what makes you smile and feel good.

One aspect of the show that I loved was the mentoring. I really feel that each coach did an amazing job. Adam, Blake, Cee lo, and Christina were amazing leaders who inspired their teams to do their best — and you saw this week after week. They also gave constructive guidance to help each singer grow week after week. It showed. You do not have to do this alone. Find the person who will stand by you and guide you and encourage you and challenge you.

This weekend I want you to look around at your life — are you happy with your choices? If not, why? Are you the “back up singer” or main singer in your life? Choose to be the main singer in your life. Find a mentor that you can turn to for guidance and support.

Make this life count and live your life in truth. Be honest with yourself and then others.

I want to wish everyone a great weekend.

All my love,


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