The first half of 2015 has been full of shifts, changes, awarenesses and yes for some struggles. There has been a shift/movement though. For the second half it is like we get to push a ‘reset’ button and create something new and different.

On the 15th was the new moon. It was a great time to set intentions for the second half of the year. For me what has been interesting is that I feel a shift for myself. The last 2+ years has been challenging for me. Just in the last week though I have felt different. I called a friend of mine to tell her how I feel more like myself of 5 years ago…. happy, joyful, positive and coming from love.

When I think about the last 5 years though I know how much I have grown as a person, challenged myself in ways I couldn’t even imagine, shed core beliefs and people from my life only to emerge lighter. It is a good feeling.

I hope that many of you feel this as well even if you can’t explain it.

Over the next week of so try and identify where some shifts are presenting themselves for you… ways you think/respond/act differently… a different feeling than you have been having over the last weeks, months, and even years. Also clarify in your mind the intentions you want to hold for the remainder of the year. It is time to create your destiny.

Enjoy this weekend. Have fun. Relax and enjoy the weather.

I am excited to watch the closing ceremony for the PanAm Games. Canadian athletes have risen to the occasion and the medals are pouring in. I am so proud of our athletes. I am equally proud of ALL the athletes who work tirelessly to be their best and do their best representing their countries. I find it amazing that when it comes to sport countries are able to put their differences aside and compete side-by-side. Something to think about??!!

Signing off…. with all my love,


Weekly LightBlast: Seeing the Big Picture

Jamye Price
a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 16 July, 2015

Your heart will always lead you to connection, and connection always transforms. It is for the strong that understand their inherent ability to create; for there is no loss, only creation of the new. When you follow your heart, you are lead [sic], transformed, to the golden potentials that you have been dreaming of deeply.

Following your heart Allows Love to lead your life. It requires an ability to trust the future. As you become comfortable with your freedom to be yourself, your courage to let go of controlling the challenging aspects of human life, and your faith in the benevolence of life, you begin to see the invisible picture that Love is creating.

To See the Big Picture, your mind must be able to look beyond the moment, beyond the obvious, beyond the pain of the past. This skill is available through the heart leading the mind to new connection. As you look, you feel. As you feel, you perceive. Do you feel strong enough to look past the pain, past the loss, past the challenge and see new creation? It is the gift of the present, an opportunity to choose. Follow your heart, for it will lead you to golden potentials.

As we sit to Blast Seeing the Big Picture, we are using our brilliant mind to perceive the unformed into the future as we look deep into the eyes (ayes) of Love. We are the oracles of the Truth of Love; that Life is a sacred journey of expanding into the unseen that is known in the heart. We are following our hearts to the treasure chest of the golden future of humanity, connected through the grace of divinity and strengthened through the grace of Love. Blast on!

You can watch the video version here.

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