Just Celebrated My Birthday – Year in Review

Posted Thursday, July 2nd, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Today is my birthday – July 1st Canada Day!

July 2008 – July 2009 has been one crazy year in so many ways and on so many levels.  I feel that I have peeled away so many layers of myself getting closer to my authentic, unconditionally loving self.  To get to this point has been a journey – -sometimes baby steps and other times leaps and yes, even times where I felt like I was going backward.

There was a long period where I felt that no matter where I went I just wasn’t fitting in.  It was really disheartening. I realize that this year was all about letting go, shedding, ending relationships/clearing karmic debt, closing doors, forgiveness of myself and others, and taking responsibility and accountability for my choices and outcome.  RELEASING!


While I shed many tears during this time I also began to see major and minor shifts within me and my life. I learned to unconditionally love and honour myself, take back my power, speak my truth, set boundaries, create what I do want, discover my core beliefs – add some, release others and keep some.  I learnt to believe and trust in myself and the Universe.  With the closing of doors, new ones have opened up, new relationships are forming, my site is really beginning to take shape and I know that I want to make some changes to it to make it more user friendly.  I am being connected and coming across many people who feel and think the way I do. We see the world as one and the people in it connected. This is a time for sharing and collaboration – empowering one another in order to have a win/win situation. I am sharing this in my workshops, energy work, and soon a radio show and a book.


The one area that I have been focusing on is expanding my heart energy – LOVE FOR MYSELF AND THE WORLD AROUND ME.  I vibrate at another level.  I attract wonderful people into my life and I am so grateful. Just three short years ago I only saw black and darkness. I had special people hold my light for me and I am eternally grateful.  In doing so, they allowed me to follow this path of awareness and understand, learn and know that it’s not that I couldn’t bring abundance into my life it is that I did not know how and were thus unable to.  I am so grateful to understand this now for by showing myself unconditional love and believing that I am worthy of receiving I am seeing the fruits of this – a new home, business opportunities opening up, my children healthy and happy and peace within me and my life.


I am laying out my vision for the next year as we speak. I am so excited. If there is one lesson that I have learnt and know is that once I do so I will then energetically let it go to the universe.  It means that I will do the work and action to support my vision however I will not worry how it will unfold. I trust that the universe has the answer for this.

All my love,



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