Just challenged myself to the Laviathon!

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Sorry I missed you last week I was away and didn’t have great access to internet.

We have come to the last weekend of summer. I cannot believe it…. today I am fulfilling a promise I made to my son to go on the Laviathon ride at one of our rides park – Wonderland. This ride is not any ride. It has a 315 feet drop zone. I am very afraid of heights and I told my son by the end of the summer I would tackle my fear of heights and rides and do it. So today two families and a few other of their friends came with us.

I stood in line for nearly an hour to go on this ride. We sit down and this piece lowers in front of me — that’s all that is holding me in. We begin to ascend up, up, up, up, up, up and I cannot look because I really don’t like heights and if I cannot see the land below it freaks me out. I told them to tell me when we are about to drop. I hear the words, “we’re here, we’re dropping now” and all of a sudden this g-force hits me like a tornado and I feel my body life off the seat. I grab my head, close my eyes even tighter and grab my son’s hand. I take it back because even that seems scary. As we get through the hard part I open my eyes slightly and within minutes the ride is over. It wasn’t so bad.

I really wanted to push myself this summer. I also did a ropes and zip lining course that is set up near my chalet at the Village of Blue Mountain. Again, it forced me to challenge my fear of heights by getting me to walk across different courses, climb up steep ladders and swing from tree to tree. I made a vow to myself that I would put two feet in and conquer some of my greatest fears. Some went beyond the physical and to the mental and emotional. Being in a relationship – you can be one foot in and one foot out. I have been there. This one is one that I want to be two feet in. That means that when tough moments come up we deal with it.

I am very proud of myself and know that the next part of my venture with my work is two feet in. It will seem like a breeze compared to riding the Laviathon – which really was not that scary and over in minutes.

This is true of all of our fears – we play them up in our minds so much that sometimes that take on a power of their own.

This weekend as we end our summer weekends and move towards Fall I want you to consider what are the things and fears that may be holding you back. I am ready to deal with some big issues that are coming my way. I am not fearful for a second and will stand my ground without having to be mean or angry.

I love embracing life. It really comes out different when you do.

Have the most amazing Labour Day weekend everyone.

I am really looking forward to my busy and fun weekend.

All my love,


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