Kids dying on a beach… what next

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We are approaching the long weekend this weekend, a time to sit back and look back over your summer. Most of us will do so with a sigh and a smile. We are the fortunate ones where our big concerns are getting the kids ready for school, making sure that they are enrolled in their activities, purchasing the last minutes articles/papers/pens.

For others in the world this is not the case. The front page picture yesterday was that of a young boy face down in the sand who died trying to flee Syria for Canada. Today there is a picture of the father who is distraught as he lost his wife and not just one boy but two boys trying to flee. I cannot imaging how this man feels.

I know that many in history had to flee in the same manner to avoid persecution and even death. Being Jewish our history is riddled with times like this.

Yet here we are in 2015 and this still happens. How is that possible? Have we grown or changed as humans? I would like to think yes. Apparently, not all and not enough change.

We are a world of over 7 billion people yet we allow the fanatics and extremists to continue to bully us. Why? Because we buy into the fear that they present. I understand you do not know or cannot control what a fanatic does or says. A person in the name of Allah can walk into a crowded area or hugely populated area and just blow themselves up with the intention of wreaking havoc. We cannot control that.

What we can do as human beings who want a different world is come together, energetically, spiritually and of course physically. What percentage of people make up the fanatics? 1/4 of 1%? Really the number is so small. It boggles my mind. Every time I sign a petition I hope that I am having an impact for change by being part of a voice for change.

Am I fooling myself? I would love to stand up to all the bullies out there. I am just one person and yes I can make a difference however my impact would be greater if I can join forces with those that want to bring action.

Now I am not going to fly over to Syria and demand better treatment of the the people – I know first off as a woman I would be ridiculed and likely tortured and most probably killed. I see injustice all the time within my own surroundings. What I do is find the way to create a voice for impact and change. Many people want to bitch and complain yet do not want to DO anything. I am not that person. I will take that energy and look for solutions.

I have changed my motto in life from “all is good” to “skies the limit”. I find by opening myself up I can seek solutions where others may not exist. I invite all people to join me for the ride.

As you sit back to reminisce about your summer, do so fondly. Also keep in mind that life can change on a dime and being true to yourself, vocal and challenging people or situations which are unjust is critical and imperative.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful long weekend.

All my love,


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