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Posted Thursday, April 30th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I am launching the Financial Blog — Yeah! I am really excited about this for it has been in the works for a while. The Financial system has been challenged and is breaking down. This will allow us to create one built on authenticity, integrity, empowering and sharing rather than greed and manipulation. One relationship in particular being challenged is our relationship to money and abundance. We need to move away from fear towards love and trust.
Take a look at what this blog is intended to be and do!

Buying into the fear
I know that there are some who have been affected by the economic times – loss of job, home or even both. The media is constantly reminding us of the downturn – putting fear into us.

I choose not to buy into this. It does not mean that I close my eyes to what is happening. It just means that I look at it from a different perspective.

I walk my talk and when I do not I am reminded of it in many different ways: some physical things happen to me, other times it is emotional and spiritual. I decided to sell my house. When I announced this the first thing that people wanted to tell me is what a horrible time it is to sell my house and the market is terrible. I really had to tune these people out. I set my price and chose my agent. He is someone I knew beforehand and I chose him for his authenticity and integrity (yes believe it or not agents can have those qualities). I had a lot of interest right away almost to the point of an offer. The couple decided not to put an offer in and I had to go within, calm myself and really trust that the universe will provide.
I have talked about abundance and it does not always come in the way, shape or form that we think. I did get an offer and it took some negotiation however I did walk away with nearly the price I wanted to net. The interesting thing is that I will make up the small difference though another way: likely when I purchase my new home and second by reducing my current mortgage.
I didn’t listen to all those people out there — I trusted in myself, the process and the universe.
My work is about empowerment and I was able to put it to practice with a guy that I am dating. He lost his job, a very senior bank position. The first thing I did was to tell him to stop listening to others, the media and his self doubt. Because of his length of service he received a good package. This allowed him to relax for the first month and then we set to work. First we worked on his resume — the so what? of you. The final product was very impressive. He then called in all of his contacts. It was a road and there are many times I had to hold his “light” for him. Nearly six weeks later he has been hired by a company that he really likes, in a job that he loves and he is in a great financial position. He found out that there were 25 candidates, they were down to 2 and then he was added as the third and he got the job.
What is my point: there are jobs being lost and there are jobs being filled. If you are one to go through a loss of some sort I ask that you look it as one door closing and another one opening. We do not always know how the universe works – again we need to trust.
I am so excited to share my empowerment work in a 4 series workshop. See for more details .

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It is about baby steps. I know for this is how I am living my life right now. With all the changes going on I am not sure I would make it through this time otherwise. I also remember to laugh and enjoy life. That in itself is abundance.
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