Lesson of ‘should’, ‘must’, ‘have to’

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It appears that I needed this lesson twice in my life (actually many more but these two really stick out) to remind myself how to use my words, or not, when interacting with people.

Many years ago I attended a workshop and I was partnered up with a woman. We were doing a dyad exercise and she began to tell me her thoughts and right away I launched in with the solution! She stopped me and said she didn’t ask for my advice. It taught me to step back and ask people if they want my opinion. Even if I knew more than this woman it didn’t matter. She wasn’t asking me to supply a solution.

Yesterday I went to sit with someone and share my business ideas. In this insightful meeting (to me) I was sharing how companies “need to”, “should”, “have to” become aware that by the year 2028, 75% of the work environment will be made up of millennials; companies need to look at their corporate culture, best practices, policies and procedures, and leadership training to see if they are set up to bring in this next level of leadership? How to address the intergenerational concerns and bring out the best/motivate and engage each of these groups.

I am looking to provide companies with a training program that will assist them in this intergenerational transition.

I was challenged by many questions. The one that really took me back is this one:

To what possible problem are you the solution?

This man said you can have a great idea however unless the decision-maker(s) decide this is a problem and are willing to pay for it, then your solution will have no value. Also, if you are not speaking to the decision-makers than you can be spinning your wheels.

I agree.

In the end what I learned was that I will work with companies, as per the decision-makers, that determine “this is our problem” and then I can tailor a training program that will match their needs. It is crucial to understand their problem and then I can determine which part I will cover off and if I need, I have a handful of professionals that I can partner with.

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